Faces of CarePortal: Meet Chris

Each one of us, individually, is called to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We all, as the Church, are invited—and expected—to represent the Body of Christ. But what if we don’t know how to serve? What if we don’t know when? What if our hearts yearn to help, and what if others are in need, but there is no route to connect?  

Today, we’d like to introduce you to Chris. Chris serves as the executive director of 111 Project, a CarePortal Implementing Partner in Oklahoma. He’s asked those same questions, and he knows a thing or two about connecting the Church to the community.

“We had been working with churches for a long time, helping them get engaged with foster care. We found that we were really good at getting them started . . . but we had no tool to create ongoing positive interactions with our ministry and the Church, and the Church and the State.”

This is Chris’ CarePortal story:

“CarePortal has come in as that roadway that’s allowed everybody in the space of child welfare, especially in Oklahoma, to connect.” —Chris Campbell, 111 Project

We know many of you have already rallied alongside us in this journey of caring for local children and families in crisis. However, we don’t want those yet to be invited to remain unaware. We want this “roadway that’s allowed everybody in the space of child welfare to connect together” to be a roadway that enables Christians to come together and actively represent the Body of Christ. 

Do you have a heart for the Church to be the champion? We invite you to share Chris’ story with others, and we invite you to join us in caring for those in your community. Contact us to learn more.