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Radio Interview – The GO Exchange

GO Project has grown from a ministry focused only on Orphan Care to a ministry focused on Orphan Care and Orphan Prevention.  The GO Exchange is our leading Orphan Prevention enterprise.
But what in the world does “Orphan Prevention” through […]


Transplanting the Father's Love

God is moving individuals and congregations to care for children and youth in the US foster care system. It’s as if He is transplanting His own heart for the fatherless into His people as they seek His face. At […]


Pouring into Pastors

At GO Project, we are not pastors, but we really love them! We consider it a privilege to partner with them. Pastors serve as father figures to the children in their orphan care ministry. Along with all the other […]


Update from Rukore

We recently received the following update from our GO Africa Field Director, Dr. Alison Barfoot, after a weekend visit to Rukore, Uganda.

We had a great visit to The Father’s House on Saturday, 10th May. Mike Fox, the Founder of […]


My Window

A reflection on a recent vision trip to Haiti by Pastor Bill Renno:
The first day in Haiti for me was like walking up to the front door of Geisinger Medical Center (a local, huge hospital) equipped with only Dr. […]


Update from Congo

An update from GO Africa’s Executive Director, Dr. Alison Barfoot:
“I was really humbled by the simplicity of the Bishop. I’ve never seen such a simple and humble servant of God like him who is so personally committed to the […]


Running for (and with) chickens!

At last Saturday’s fifth annual GO Project Family 5K, several hundred runners realized that it is sometimes easier to run for children and chickens than to run past this fast chicken.

Why all the chicken talk? Chickens, raised on our […]


Pay back…in the best way.

Recently, we received this e-mail from Tim Downs, who is GO Project’s partner championing children who need family in the Ivory Coast, Africa:

One of our young men, Eric, came to us as an adolescent from a life of living […]


First in the Field

GO Haiti’s Lucson Dervilus was in KC this week. We love and respect Lucson. His life story – beginning as an orphan himself to caring for them today – is a powerful example of God’s real and redemptive power. […]


The Life of a Fatherless Child

Albert Einstein defined insanity as: “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
You can’t see into the mind of a fatherless male. If you could, you are likely to see something similar to the following […]