20 Years

Celebrating 20 years of global impact

What began from an invitation to care about 19 orphans in southeast Asia has expanded to touch the lives of over 110,000 children in 11 countries each year.

Celebrating 20 years of global impact

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Community confronting the crisis.

Setting traditional institutional orphan care models aside, we’re connecting a global family united by a shared vision to care for vulnerable children and keep families together. Because we provide localized care based on a community’s unique needs, how we serve looks different depending on where we are serving.

In general, we partner with local churches around the world to provide:


Family strengthening initiatives to keep families together.


Local, family style care to kids who need it most.


Equip kids with life skills to transition into adulthood.

You have a role to play.

Join a community investing in the lives of children who need it most.

We make. You wear. We all help kids and families around the world.

The best adventure takes you to places and people that change your heart.