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Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo has long been one of Africa’s poorest countries. War over natural resources, tribal conflict, commercial exploitation, and lack of infrastructure have contributed to poverty and instability in the lives of many Congolese children and families in our partners’ care.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic occupies the eastern half of the Hispaniola, a Caribbean island shared with Haiti. While the former Spanish colony is known by many for it’s beautiful beaches and resorts, it’s also home to many children in need. Our partners care for orphaned and abandoned children on the east side of Santo Domingo.


Rich in history and located on the horn of Africa, Ethiopia is home to 100 million people, many of whom live in extreme poverty. Hopeful for the future of their developing nation, our partners are caring for and educating children in Hossanna and Koncko.


Less than a 2-hour flight from Florida, Haiti’s beautiful mountains and beaches are often overlooked because of the scars left by decades of exploitation and natural disasters. Our partners care for and educate vulnerable children in several communities. Haiti is also home to the production facility for our apparel company, GOEX. Learn more about Haiti.


India is known for its vibrant culture, emerging economy, and 1.3 billion people, but generational poverty is also part of the nation’s story. Our local church partners provide family to vulnerable children, while also bringing hope to communities through family strengthening, literacy, and health education initiatives.


Home to less than 5 million of its own, Lebanon has recently served as a refuge for 1.5 million people fleeing from civil wars in Syria, Iraq and Yemen. South of Beirut, Tyre Church provides medical care, housing, education, and spiritual hope to children and families affected by violence in the region.

South Sudan

Ravaged by war with the north for years, South Sudan has struggled to maintain basic infrastructure. Violence and uncertainties with adequate food supplies and medicine were realities in the lives of the children now cared for by our local church partner in Torit.


Uganda — the pearl of Africa. Full of beautiful views, natural resources, and hospitable people, Uganda also bares scars of the HIV epidemic and civil war. Caring for children orphaned by these crises, our partners invest in their communities’ future through family strengthening, agriculture and education initiatives.

United States

More than 400,000 children will be in the United States’ child welfare system sometime this year. Of those, more than 100,000 of them have no parents. Using our CarePortal platform, local churches across the U.S. are stepping into the lives of children and families in their own neighborhoods.

Our promise to you

Our 100% Commitment: all our administrative costs are covered, so every penny you give for kids goes to care for kids.