Monthly Archives - February 2009

C3 to Hire Director of Operations

Word on the street (and news) is that job loss in the US is at an all time high and that our economy couldn’t be in worse shape. While there is no denying that times are tough there […]


How a Mercedes becomes more than 200 beds!

Exactly how does a Mercedes become more than 200 beds for Haitian orphans? Well it’s easier than you may think!
A company called iDonate, will take almost ANYTHING and turn it into a donation for the charity of your […]


C3 to Fund an Orphanage Through Facebook!

It’s a new day in the world of C3, with over 3,100 orphan kids in care in over 110 homes across the globe we are connecting more people to the needs of the more than 140 Million Orphans in […]