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Big Day. Bigger Heart.

Last week, GO Project and the Church at Coffee Creek had the privilege of hosting Claude Mondesir, one of our pastor partners from Haiti. His trip culminated in an amazing 24-hour period starting Saturday at Sporting KC’s Major League […]


A promise to Pastor Kelly is still changing lives

Fifty years ago, a pastor from Texas moved to Haiti to minister to people living in the rugged, rural north.  He soon met a 17-year-old Haitian named Claude Mondesir.  Claude was the 12th and last child of his mother.  […]


Learning from each other

There is no substitute for serving. Serving changes lives on multiple levels. For example, we learn from those we serve, and they learn from us. Often, we also learn from those with whom we serve. Such was the case […]



Hope or Espwa (Creole) is a pervasive word in Haiti. It’s found everywhere from souvenir bracelets to tap-taps to names of non-profits. People on the outside may question so much hope in the midst of daily difficulty as odd […]


On the way to Leogane…

Over five days, GO vision trip teams spend several hours on the bus, but the time is far from wasted.

On the way to Leogane today….

A 16-year-old girl shared her realization that “almost every problem in her life was a […]


Super Mario

One of my favorite GO Adventures images is from an early scouting trip we took to Haiti in November 2012. In it, my friend, Tony, is sitting on the running board of our M35 support vehicle—a relentless three-axle, two-and-a-half-ton beast of […]


Orphan Sunday Afterglow

The apostle John wrote, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” Yet sometimes, when reading the headlines, watching the evening news, or simply processing a tough day, it just doesn’t feel that way. […]


The Malawi Tigers

A few years ago, a few students from the University of Missouri made a decision to invest in the lives of orphans in rural Malawi. They formed a recognized, student group, Mizzou for Malawi (M4M), and got after it, […]