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A 7-year-old Syrian refugee boy in Lebanon.
A single mother and her three children in India.
The child you’ve passed on the street in your neighborhood.

What if you received an email with their story and a need you could immediately meet for them?


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  • #130652 Groceries (see description for details) - Los Angeles County, CA - $600 June 2, 2023
    Our clients (10 and 6) and foster mom were recently involved in a tragic car accident. The collision completely destroyed their car. Fortunately, our clients suffered minior injuries. However, foster mom is scheduled for surgery on her arm. Foster mom is the only caregiver in the home as her husband past away from COVID. Our […]
  • #130644 Clothes for a Child/Children (see description details) - Clay County, MO - $1916 June 2, 2023
    A family is in need of assistance to help them get caught up so that the children do not enter care. The kids are staying with a grandparent and the family has recently lost a family member. The kids have come to stay with them unexpectedly. and they are tryig to navigate their new financial […]
  • #130640 refrigerator w/ installation service - Los Angeles County, CA - $520 June 2, 2023
    This family has been compliant with Family Preservation case since May 2023. They were recently reunited after being separated for 18-months. During their separation, mother’s income lowered. Therefore, she did not have sufficient funds to purchase needed items for the home in preparation for her children’s return. With the help of family and friends she […]
  • #130361 Toddler Bed Frame - Harris County, TX - $350 May 31, 2023
    Maternal aunt is currently caring for her two nieces and nephew in a Kinship placement. Toddler beds are needed for the 2 year old (male) and 3 year old (female) to ensure appropriate sleeping arrangements for the children. Currently the children are sharing a bed with caregivers daughter.
  • #130321 Clothes for a Child/Children (see description details) - Maricopa County, AZ - $1570 May 31, 2023
    This mother is newly a single mother of 5 girls. She has 5 children all females, one of her children who is 7 is autistic. who requires full attention and needs to be monitored 24/7. Since she is a newly single parent she struggles to be able to provide food, clothing, and beds for her […]
  • #130269 Crib Frame - Clark County, OH - $425 May 31, 2023
    An adoptive family has agreed to take placement unexpectedly. Baby is currently in the NICU and family has other adopted children, ages 2 years old and 9 months. Due to this adoptive placement being unexpected, the family is in need of a crib, crib mattress and bedding (for a baby boy), pack and play, a […]
  • #130161 Funds for Clothes - El Paso County, CO - $200 May 30, 2023
    A 8 year old little boy is currently living with his step grandmother. The grandmother has been providing for her grandson for 1.5 years with little support until recently. She has him enrolled in boxing and swim to keep him busy. The grandmother is asking for help buying summer clothes for him.
  • #130158 Funds for Clothes - El Paso County, CO - $200 May 30, 2023
    A 17 year old teen boy is currently living with his step grandmother. The teen boy has been displaying some behavioral concerns for the grandmother. The grandmother has been putting a lot of time and effort into getting him the resources and support he needs. The grandmother is asking for help buying clothes for the […]
  • #130144 Crib Frame - Boone County, MO - $350 May 30, 2023
    A client of ours has two sets of twins, (ages 4 and 10 months) and is pregnant again. Her younger set of twins, currently sleeps in bed with her as she does not have cribs, nor can afford them. She just shared this information with us, and we want to immediately find cribs for these […]
  • #130109 Home Repairs - Rockbridge County, VA - $500 May 30, 2023
    This family needs a mobile home doors replaced or repaired. There is currently one child in this home setting, this family may need further assistance once contact is established.
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Whether you want to help children and families in your own neighborhood or across the globe, our technology platform, CarePortal, can help you connect and respond in a timely, high-impact way.

1. Sign Up

Some businesses or organizations select a key person to receive requests and rally others to help.

2. Choose Communities

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3. Respond

You’ll receive an email with a need identified by local child welfare workers or a GO Project social worker.


Our local church partners will use your financial gift to meet the specific need for the child(ren) and family in their community.

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