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A 7-year-old Syrian refugee boy in Lebanon.
A single mother and her three children in India.
The child you’ve passed on the street in your neighborhood.

What if you received an email with their story and a need you could immediately meet for them?


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RSS Current Real-Time Needs

  • #154028 Gas Card - Iredell County, NC - $70 December 4, 2023
    The Department of Social Services is working with a family due to neglect. The family includes the mother and her two children. The mother is struggling financially, and she has recently started a new job. The mother is in need of gas cards to get to and from the new job and maintain employment. This […]
  • #153947 Full/Double Mattress - Iredell County, NC - $875 December 4, 2023
    The Department of Social Services is working with a family due to neglect. The family includes a mother, father and their two children, a male age 3 yrs. and a female age 15 yrs. The family recently secured housing after being homeless for a while. The family moved into their new home this past weekend […]
  • #153740 Twin Comforter/Blanket - Sebastian County, AR - $225 December 1, 2023
    The children are in need of queen and twin comforters and sheets. One of the kids has a queen size bed and the other has a twin-size bed.
  • #153674 Twin/Twin Bunk Bed Frame - Los Angeles County, CA - $1875 November 30, 2023
    Mother has recently reunified with her 5 children ages 5-13. Mother was homeless a year ago and was able to obtain housing through section 8. The children have returned home but the family need beds and mattresses. Mother is able to care for her children and this will allow for the children to have appropriate […]
  • #153639 Month Bus Pass - Sedgwick County, KS - $50 November 30, 2023
    DCCCA is serving a hard-working single father who goes to work Monday through Friday, 8 am to 3 pm, while also attending barber college Monday through Thursday, 5 pm to 10 pm. He currently does not have his own source of transportation and has been relying on the availability of his family and friends to […]
  • #153630 Twin Bed Frame - Montgomery County, OH - $515 November 30, 2023
    Single mom of two kids is in need of a twin bed for her 11 year old daughter. Mom is complying with her safety plan with children's services. She is in need of a bed in order to keep the child in the home. Any help is appreciated!
  • #153578 Clothes for a Child/Children (see description details) - Seminole County, FL - $200 November 30, 2023
    The caregiver is a non-relative. The caregiver’s daughter is friends with the children. The caregiver agreed to be a placement option to prevent the children from entering licensed foster care. The caregiver’s household has gone from a 3 to 7 individuals with no financial assistance. The caregiver is requesting clothing and Christmas items for the […]
  • #153517 Movers - Pinellas County, FL - $900 November 30, 2023
    My Family is the maternal grandmother who is 82 and her grandson is 18 months . The child's mother is deceased and has been adopted by his grandmother. The need is movers the home they reside in is no longer affordable. A new home is available for less rent but she has no way of […]
  • #153480 Single Stroller - Iredell County, NC - $335 November 30, 2023
    The Department of Social Services is currently working with a mother and her two children regarding neglect. The mother is on disability and unable to work. She is struggling financially. The mother and the children need assistance obtaining diapers and wipes for the 2 yr. old female (size 4 diaper), along with a car seat […]
  • #153443 Dresser - Elkhart County, IN - $300 November 29, 2023
    A single mom of 3 children is in need of 2 dressers. To prevent children's removal from the home, mom has to improve cleanliness of the home. The children need a place to put clean laundry and store clothes. They are just using totes at this time.
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Whether you want to help children and families in your own neighborhood or across the globe, our technology platform, CarePortal, can help you connect and respond in a timely, high-impact way.

1. Sign Up

Some businesses or organizations select a key person to receive requests and rally others to help.

2. Choose Communities

Select the community(s) from which you would like to receive opportunities to meet needs of children and families.

3. Respond

You’ll receive an email with a need identified by local child welfare workers or a GO Project social worker.


Our local church partners will use your financial gift to meet the specific need for the child(ren) and family in their community.

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