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A 7-year-old Syrian refugee boy in Lebanon.
A single mother and her three children in India.
The child you’ve passed on the street in your neighborhood.

What if you received an email with their story and a need you could immediately meet for them?


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RSS Current Real-Time Needs

  • #99607 Twin Mattress - San Bernardino County, CA - $3872 August 11, 2022
    Mother left a dv situation and needs to relocate from her current residence. Mother is gainfully employed (mother's employment has been stable and consistent) and had tentatively secured a lease on a new residence but requires assistance with the security deposit. The Child also needs a bed as his previous bed was destroyed. If this […]
  • #99535 Window - Tulare County, CA - $800 August 11, 2022
    The parents are in need of two windows in their home to be fixed. The court ordered the parents to get the window to get fixed for the safety of their child, but per the parents, they do not have funds to get the windows fixed. The father is the only sole provider of the […]
  • #99526 Infant Car Seat for a Boy - Maricopa County, AZ - $950 August 11, 2022
    The mother had no prenatal care and did not know that she was pregnant with twins. The mother had supplies for one child but not the other, the mother will need the supplies before one of the twins is released form the hospital. The mother also has two older children to care for.
  • #99492 Washer - Crawford County, KS - $960 August 10, 2022
    Family of 3 needs help with a washer and dryer. Mother indicated that she has not had a washer or dryer in 5 years. She has been able to provide better housing for her family that now has washer and dryer hookups, but could not afford a washer and dryer. Currently mother is washing clothes […]
  • #99416 Clothes for a Child/Children (see description for details) - Polk County, FL - $150 August 10, 2022
    The caregiver took two girls in due to the mother not being able to take care of them. The caregiver has had the children since February without any assistance from their family. The caregiver is in need of clothing for the children. The children sizes are 3t Girls and 5T girls.
  • #99045 Gift Card - El Paso County, CO - $200 August 5, 2022
    We are in need of a $200 gift card for a 17 year old boy to be able to get clothing. This young man is working hard to get himself into a work/school program and to better himself before turning 18 but is struggling to buy clothing due to currently being homeless. If this need […]
  • #99022 Twin Mattress - Columbia County, FL - $300 August 5, 2022
    A 56-year-old great aunt who has custody of her 3 great nephews and is need of an additional twin-sized bed with a frame to prevent the placement from being blown and to assist with the caregiver being licensed as a level 1 foster parent. The caregiver has purchased one bed but didn't have the funds […]
  • #98928 Twin Bed Frame - Orange County, CA - $738 August 5, 2022
    The mother recently left her apartment home and reported that she left all of her belongings behind due to a cockroach and bed bug infestation. This family came to the attention of the Agency in July 2022. The mother and her three children (boy age 8, girl age 13, & boy age 15) have since […]
  • #98819 Twin Bed Frame for a Boy - Dallas County, TX - $360 August 4, 2022
    Kendrick Brown Jr who is an 4 year old boy. He needs a bed as soon as possible. He has out grown his bed which he had since he was two years old. The new bed will help Kendrick sleep well and be comfortable. KJ cannot lay in the bed without him putting his legs […]
  • #98753 Bunk Bed Frame - Danville City County, VA - $360 August 3, 2022
    A Single mother with 4 children is in need of a set of Bunk Beds . The mother has very limited resources to provide for her children. Currently the children are sleeping on the Floor on Mattresses. The mother has been trying to find resources ,however she has not been able to find the necessary […]
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