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  • #116559 Legal Help - Tulsa County, OK - $400 January 27, 2023
    Two amazing pre teen girls are in the process of being adopted by their paternal aunt, the only thing standing in the way is that she needs to finalize her divorce before the adoption can go through. She has been making payments to start the process but she could use assistance in getting it paid […]
  • #116549 Bunk Bed Frame (Twin/Twin) - Marion County, IN - $610 January 27, 2023
    This family is in need of a twin over twin bunk bed frame and 2 twin mattresses for 2 boys. They are also in need of a toddler frame and mattress for their daughter.
  • #116548 Couch - Tulare County, CA - $2570 January 27, 2023
    A family of ten is in need of a refrigerator, 3 dressers, sofas, laminate or tile flooring in the hallway and a plumber to assist with getting draining water from the garage. As indicated, this is a family of ten. Some of the children in the home are diagnosed with significant medical issues Hirschsprung's disease, […]
  • #116506 Crib Frame - Palm Beach County, FL - $230 January 27, 2023
    Mom of substance exposed 3 month old daughter is discharging from treatment and transitioning baby into an adoptive setting. Prior to discharging baby, she will need items in the home including a crib (can be used) along with mattress. With these items, the agencies involved as well as mom can successfully transition the baby into […]
  • #116490 Full/Queen Comforter or Blanket - Manatee County, FL - $170 January 26, 2023
    Family member has taken in teens to prevent them from be separated or going into traditional foster care. They can use full size bedding sets. They would also really like to have a basketball hoop and basketball to exercise and keep themselves busy.
  • #116471 Private Adoption Home Study - Grady County, OK - $600 January 26, 2023
    Our children were previously adopted; however, the adoptive mother has passed, and the post adoption benefits have ended for these kiddos. The potential adoptive mother is an extended family member who is willing to adopt the children, which keeps them from re-entering custody. The potential adoptive mother is working with an adoption attorney to move […]
  • #116386 Plumbing Repairs - Gwinnett County, GA - $250 January 26, 2023
    Mom and her 9 kids ages 16 to 1 are in need of repairs on their sewage that is leaking and cause a flood underneath the home in the back. This leak has caused mom to have to turn of the water throughout the day causing the 4 and 1 year old to be in […]
  • #116384 Dresser - Champaign County, OH - $270 January 26, 2023
    The family is seeking assistance in obtaining two dressers for three children in the home, one for the eight year old male child's room as well as one for the room, shared by the two female children, who are eight and ten years old. Family does not currently have dressers for the children and could […]
  • #116367 Twin Mattress - Niagara County, NY - $510 January 26, 2023
    Caseworker is working with a family of 13 which includes 3 adults and 10 children ranging from the ages of 1-17. The entire family lives in a 3 bedroom household and there is limited financial assistance. The parents are in need of assistance with necessary household items to prevent the children from being at risk […]
  • #116257 Bunk Bed Frame (Twin/Twin) - Schenectady County, NY - $600 January 25, 2023
    mom age 38, and her two boys, ages 13 and 11 Boys in need of a bunk bed. Boys share a room and recently broke their bunk bed. Home is in need of a sofa as their is limited furniture in the home.
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