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Help a child

A 7-year-old Syrian refugee boy in Lebanon.
A single mother and her three children in India.
The child you’ve passed on the street in your neighborhood.

What if you received an email with their story and a need you could immediately meet for them?


Children Served

in the U.S. since CarePortal launch in March 2015.


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in the United States alone.

RSS Current Real-Time Needs

  • #144297 lice treatments - Lee County, FL - $120 September 23, 2023
    Mom, boyfriend and 3 children have become homeless. They are currently staying ea hotel so food storage space is very limited as well as cooking means. They are very close to a Family Dollar, within walking distance and they are without reliable transportation. The family also currently has lice. Better Together is trying to assist […]
  • #144271 Full Bed Frame - Tulsa County, OK - $630 September 22, 2023
    A family is needing some help with a few items to help support a brother staying in the home of his adult sibling. The adult sibling recently obtained guardianship of him to prevent him from being placed in OKDHS custody. This was a last-minute situation for the family with no time to prepare. They are […]
  • #144263 Childcare - Miami-Dade County, FL - $450 September 22, 2023
    Momma is a young single mom with an 8 month old baby. Momma is living with her father in a small elderly apartment community. The baby's father who was providing financial support for her and baby abandoned the family two months ago. She has been maintaining things with the help of her father but realize […]
  • #144061 Rent Assistance - El Paso County, CO - $500 September 21, 2023
    I am working with a family that is not able to access community resources and needs some help with rent. Mom works full time and is supporting 3 children at home. Dad is not able to be in the home right now but is paying half the rent. Mom just needs some extra help to […]
  • #144008 Funding for class trip - Douglas County, CO - $50 September 21, 2023
    I am working with three children (13, 6, and 4) who are placed with their maternal grandparents who plan to adopt them in the near future. The 13 y/o is in eighth grade and his school is going on a class trip in May of 2024 to Washington D.C. and New York. My kiddo has […]
  • #143954 Utility Bill Assistance - Garfield County, OK - $418 September 21, 2023
    On June 30th, 2023, three teenage girls were placed in an out of home safety plan due to safety concerns in their biological home. OKDHS custody was requested but not granted at that time. The out of home safety plan monitors agreed and were happy to keep the children in their home to ensure the […]
  • #143818 Amicus Attorney Fee - Fort Bend County, TX - $2500 September 20, 2023
    Perspective adoptive has done everything DFPS has asked of her, in regards tasks needed completed for adoption process. Perspective adoptive parent is in need of financial support, in order to get adoption finalized. The court the adoption will finalize in requires an Amicus attorney. An Amicus attorney was appointed to this case. There's a $2,500 […]
  • #143444 Clothes for a Child/Children (see description details) - Iredell County, NC - $725 September 18, 2023
    The Department of Social Services is currently working with this family due to neglect. Mother not working, father working part-time, and the family is struggling financially. The family would like assistance in obtaining clothes for children; 3 yr. boy wears clothes size 4/5T boys, size 7 shoe. 1 yr. old girl wears clothing size 24M. […]
  • #143390 Rent Assistance - Hamilton County, OH - $746 September 18, 2023
    Single mother of 3 boys ages 16, 11 and 9 is in need of assistance with back rent. Mother has just recently found employment that will be able to sustain her family but is unable to pay the 2 months behind she became while seeking employment. Mother pays 373.00 a month. She owes a total […]
  • #143335 Rent Assistance - Sedgwick County, KS - $250 September 15, 2023
    DCCCA is serving a single mother who is escaping a domestic violence situation and is needing to get back on her feet. Mom has never had a place of her own before and she is so excited and proud of the apartment she has found for her and her daughters. She has saved all the […]
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Our local church partners will use your financial gift to meet the specific need for the child(ren) and family in their community.

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