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  • #78335 Clothes for a Child/Children (see description for details) - Marion County, IN - $50 November 30, 2021
    Sisters live in the home with their aunt. aunt wants assistance for clothing needs as the children are growing older sister wears 9-9.5 in shoes to 1x in shirts and 18 in pants. younger sister wears She needs size 5 in jeans Size medium in shirts Size 9 in shoes
  • #78237 Monthly Phone Service - Wyandotte County, KS - $180 November 30, 2021
    I am currently working with a single mother with a child who is turning 1 soon. She has struggled with addiction, having grown up seeing the same with her parents. She has worked diligently to get into drug treatment, kick her addiction and continues to work toward her ongoing sobriety. She has no support from […]
  • #78217 Split fire wood - Franklin County, MO - $65 November 29, 2021
    A mother has 3 children under the age of 3 and she heats her house by a wood furnace. The family is struggling to keep a wood supply. She is concerned that she doesn't have enough to get through the winter, even with her job. If wood is supplied to the family, the children will […]
  • #78027 Twin Bed Frame - Madison County, IN - $1594 November 23, 2021
    Mother resides with her two daughters (ages 9 & 16). The father of the youngest daughter also resides in the home. The family recently moved into their own apartment after previously staying with family. FCM visited the home for a home check and their was no furniture or bedding in the home. The family does […]
  • #77957 Court Fees - Montgomery County, OH - $270 November 23, 2021
    Parent has been active in her recovery for over a year now. In order to maintain custody, she has to work. However, she is unable to work as she does not have a license at this time. In order to obtain her license, she must pay a reinstatement fee to obtain her license. This amazing […]
  • #77893 Rent Assistance - Orange County, FL - $2500 November 22, 2021
    A foster mom had to take off her job unpaid for her foster son to get cranial surgery on November 12. Due to the surgery being rescheduled from September 15 because he was sick, she was advised to keep him home from day care to keep him from getting sick for the next surgery date. […]
  • #77577 Crib - Lawrence County, PA - $1006 November 17, 2021
    An area single mother has five young children. She recently moved to a new home. The two oldest boys share a bunk bed, but the other three children need beds. The two toddler girls are currently sleeping on a futon. The baby boy is sleeping in a baby bouncer.
  • #77479 Baby Supplies For a Boy (see description for details) - Lake County, FL - $200 November 17, 2021
    We have a mom, who will be giving birth in the beginning of Dec and is in need of some baby items to appropriately care for the child. We are currently working with the mom in one of our prevention programs to help keep the family intact along with providing parenting, skill-building, and child development. […]
  • #77390 Clothes for a Child/Children (see description for details) - Polk County, FL - $100 November 16, 2021
    The mother is in need of winter clothing for her two daughters. The mother is currently unemployed and plans to start working this week. But with the weather getting cooler the children are in need of clothing before the mother gets her first paycheck. The mother has a two daughters, sizes are 4T and size […]
  • #77216 Washer - Hidalgo County, TX - $960 November 12, 2021
    This is the family first case with CPS, the child is 2 years old and mother is currently 24 weeks pregnant. There are concerns with the condition of the home as it needs organization and storage. The Department has been able to provide the family with bins and shelves to help but they continue to […]
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