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A 7-year-old Syrian refugee boy in Lebanon.
A single mother and her three children in India.
The child you’ve passed on the street in your neighborhood.

What if you received an email with their story and a need you could immediately meet for them?


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  • #95060 Gas Card - Leavenworth County, KS - $200 June 25, 2022
    I am working with a single mother and child who are on the path to recovery. The mom is a army veteran and has suffered severe trauma from her deployments. She was without her daughter for some time but they have worked hard to be reunited. Her daughter is also diagnosed with very serious and […]
  • #94876 Dresser For a Boy - El Paso County, CO - $135 June 23, 2022
    CASA has a really hard case where two teen boys were being essentially tortured and abused by a family friend. The dad is not present in the boys' life and mom is a recovering addict. Mom has been doing amazing with her treatment plan and sobriety. The boys have been returned to mom's care, but […]
  • #94841 Full Bed Frame - Danville City County, VA - $786 June 23, 2022
    A single mother with 5 children who recently relocated to Danville is in need of Bedding for the Family. A number of the Children are Disabled and Struggles with Mental Health issues. The mother has very limited resources however she is seeking employment. With out this assistance the children are at risk to be removed […]
  • #94755 Single Stroller for a Girl - Amherst County, VA - $368 June 22, 2022
    A 10 month old baby has been placed out of her home due to substance use. She is in need of the following: 1. Size 4 diapers 2. car seat (she is 18 pounds) 3.stroller 4. Similad advanced formula
  • #94576 Stovetop Pots & Pans Cookware Set - Albany County, NY - $1688 June 21, 2022
    Young mother who has relocated to the capital district to acquire a better quality of life for herself and her children. Raising two children has proven not to be easy alone and mom requested aid to acquire essentials for herself and her children. Mom is requesting pots, pans, dishes, silverware, dressers, couches, tv stand, microwave, […]
  • #94568 AES - Montgomery County, OH - $1829 June 21, 2022
    Single mother is attempting to move into her new home, but before she is able to she needs to pay down an old AES bill. The bill dates back to 2017 and our mom cannot get electric in her new home until the old bill is paid in full, the total bill is $1,829.83. Mother […]
  • #94493 Toddler Bed Frame for a Boy - Tarrant County, TX - $1572 June 20, 2022
    Four children aged: 2-boy, 5-boy, 6-girl and 8-girl are in need of beds, mattresses, pillows, bedding and drawers/2 dressers to put their clothes in. Their maternal aunt accepted to take them into her care to prevent them from entering the foster care system and to give their mom time to complete CPS recommended services. Aunt […]
  • #94490 Bathroom Cleaner - Sedgwick County, KS - $350 June 20, 2022
    DCCCA works with families who have child that are at risk of going into foster care, but our mission is to work with the parents to prevent that from happening. A common cause for a family to begin services with DCCCA is to improve the cleanliness of their home. DCCCA has a cleaning product supply […]
  • #94486 Target, Rue 21, Forever 21, and/or Ross gift card - Sedgwick County, KS - $200 June 20, 2022
    DCCCA has been working with a single mother of 4 get back on her feet. This family relies on mom's social security income for their needs, but currently they are getting just enough to cover their rent and bills. The oldest daughter in the home is a teenager and she desperately needs new clothes and […]
  • #94482 Rent Assistance - Dallas County, TX - $950 June 20, 2022
    Family of 4 kids and 1 parent need help with Rent. Children were recently returned to him and he has been using rent money to cover groceries. Father did not pay the June rent and is still struggling to come up with that money, meaning he does not yet have July's rent either. Covering the […]
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