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Local, Family-Style Care

The Global Orphan Project exists to break the orphan cycle through the power of community, commerce and the love of Jesus. Setting traditional institutional orphan care models aside, we’re connecting a global family united by a shared vision to care for children and vulnerable families along the entire spectrum: Orphan Prevention, Orphan Care and Transition. Focusing on one child at a time, we provide sustainable, local, family-style care that is deeply rooted in compassion, hope and the belief that every child deserves a chance.


Strengthen families through job creation, education and community support.

Through our fair trade apparel company, GOEX print + apparel, we provide strong jobs that improve the lives of the workers and communities we touch in Haiti and in Kansas City, Missouri with the goal to break the orphan cycle through the dignity of work.

We offer culturally relevant family-strengthening and orphan prevention programs that equip families with basic financial management skills, job skills and spiritual healing.

We provide community support to children and families affected by the child welfare system to people who want to help, through our online platform called CarePortal.


Equip local church leaders in 11 countries to develop local solutions in response to the orphan crisis along the entire spectrum of care and provide local, family-style care to kids that need it most.


Equip kids aging out of orphan care with the skills necessary to transition into adulthood. We have a Transition Academy in Haiti and in India, with many others in the works. Transition Academy sewing program graduates have the opportunity to interview with GOEX print + apparel.

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