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2 Minutes with GO | April 2018 Quarterly Update

How are a family in Brownwood, Texas, and 36 children in the care of our local partners in Bunia, Congo, connected? They are being protected, served, and loved by YOU! Hear their stories in 2 minutes... almost. [embed][/embed] Joe Knittig,… Read More

Joe Knittig

2 Minutes with GO | Jan ’17 Quarterly Update

Life is busy. We get it, so in this quarter’s update Joe Knittig will share news about Hurricane Matthew recovery efforts in Haiti, a need for prayer in Uganda, and explosive growth through CarePortal in the US — all in two minutes . . . well, almost. Joe also… Read More

A Band of Brothers

By Trip Manager Stephanie Mutert What was happening in the Jumecourt dining room? The acoustic tones seamlessly merging with Creole lyrics would make any passerby curious. The effect even stopped and redirected conversations of GO Haiti staff on the upper deck as the worship… Read More

Running to Gunfire

A good friend of our ministry recently completed police academy training. He told me police are taught to run towards gunfire. They go where the trouble is, step into the fight, and protect the innocent. It’s not safe, but it is, in large part, why the police exist. While the… Read More

Birthdays and Blessings

Everybody loves a birthday party - especially your 13th (Welcome to your teenage years!), and if it's your first fiesta de cumpleaños, then it is doubly sweet. Such was the case Monday for Weideland at Casa Amor, our partner in the Dominican Republic (DR). CONANI (DR's Child… Read More

Rebuild. Renew. Redeem.

A friend and I recently took a drive around urban KC. If you haven't done that in awhile, you might be surprised by the number of boarded up buildings. The buildings will continue to sit and rot, reminders of times past, unless someone comes in to either level them and start… Read More

A taste of Victory!

I like soccer. No, I'm not one of those Euro-wannabes who can name all the clubs in the Premier League and calls it futbol, but all three of our girls play. We love taking in a Sporting KC game (shout out to GO Project Hall of Famer/Board Member, Alan Dietrich, and his Sporting… Read More

How did your Saturday start?

This morning, Peter Maseko walked into a clinic waiting room full of patients who were sick, tired, and needing help. He greeted them with such sincere Godly worship and prayer that, if not for the stethoscope around his neck, his white physician's coat would have more easily… Read More

US Orphan Care

Courage is Caring for Children

The reality is courage is what keeps children in families. And God isn't stingy when we ask for courage. God has empowered people of all different races, cultures, and socioeconomic backgrounds to adopt children in Kansas City and beyond. They are caring for and welcoming in… Read More