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2 Minutes With GO | December 2017 Quarterly Update

During this busy holiday season, we are pausing to reflect on everything God has done through this community and YOU in 2017! Learn what these last few months have held for us, including an update on The Global Orphan Project's growth into the Middle… Read More

Matthew’s Lesson: How we help matters

By Joe Knittig, CEO of The Global Orphan Project —— On Friday, October 7, we loaded two planes of food and supplies for Jeremie, Haiti. That food was destined for vulnerable children who ordinarily cannot access aid in crisis. We limited bodies on the planes to… Read More

Hurricane Matthew

Initial Good News. Much More to Do. | Hurricane Matthew, Update 2

GO Project Family,  Here is a Haiti/ Hurricane Matthew update. Our immediate priority is to ensure that all children in our local church partners’ care are accounted for, safe, and secure. There will be significant rebuild needs, but that is not our focus right now. As… Read More

Hurricane Matthew Strikes Haiti

GO Project Family, Thank you for praying. As many of you know, Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti this morning. Reports that the southwest corner (Cayes region) would bear the brunt appear to be true. Communication is limited but not completely cut… Read More

Photo Update: New latrine at Biggarouse

Pastor Elysée Jean and the children at Biggarouse are praising God for progress on the construction of the new latrine at "Big House". "Sometimes we take for granted how something as simple as a working toilet can radically impact a child's ability to develop healthily,"… Read More

Radio Interview – The GO Exchange

GO Project has grown from a ministry focused only on Orphan Care to a ministry focused on Orphan Care and Orphan Prevention.  The GO Exchange is our leading Orphan Prevention enterprise. But what in the world does “Orphan Prevention” through commerce mean?  How does that… Read More

Changing the world. Changing lives.

How is caring for kids around the world changing lives? In a recent interview, Joe was asked how this occurs, and he explained what many of you have experienced. "You watch this life collision occur and how two people walk away from that changed." Watch the segment here... Read More

Interview with KCUR: Caring for children in KC

In a recent interview with KCUR correspondent Laura Ziegler, Tate Williams, director of the Adopt|KC initiative, shares the story of caring for children in need of family in Kansas City. Tate shines a light on the hundreds of foster children in the Kansas/Missouri system, and… Read More

Adopt | KC will encourage churches, families to help children in need

The Global Orphan Project cares for kids in a very specific way. We help His church become family for orphaned and abandoned children around the world, and now, in our own backyard. Saturday, August 4th, the KC Star wrote about adoptlKC, a movement of churches dedicated to… Read More

Local Churches Collaborate to Serve Kansas City Orphans

A growing network of local churches has started an intriguing movement.  It’s called Adopt | KC.  The aim of the Adopt | KC network is to get our nation’s most vulnerable orphans adopted into families within local churches, beginning in Kansas City. With family breakdown… Read More