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GO Africa Launching GO India

After laying the foundation to begin GO India, we’re now in the planning stage for our first pilot village near Hyderabad. We’ll have a more complete announcement soon.
In the meantime, I want to share a neat story about the […]


Photo Update from Rukore

Here’s the entire Rukore community. Kids, mommas, church leaders,
various church members who participate in the village.

This is Sylvia, the lead Mama at Rukore. She’s the living embodiment of faithfulness.

Here is the start of an extensive garden at Rukore. They’re moving […]


Sustainability: Food Production

Outside of local church ownership, a vital part of sustainable child care is food production. By far, food is the heaviest line item in the monthly care budget.
I just got done visiting our partner site in Kabale, Uganda. Through […]


Business Idea: Pumpkin Shades?

Just drove by this… Look closely at the half pumpkin on this woman’s back. See the little feet sticking out? This is her invention to protect her baby from the sun and bugs. Innovative. But I don’t think it’ll sell.


The Local Church and Sustainability

When we explore “sustainable” local church based care, where do we turn first? To the obvious. To the local church body that owns the care.
We hear all the time that churches among the poor cannot afford to contribute anything […]


More Blessing

Sometimes in the busyness of life, when there is more month at the end of the paycheck or when we read stories about neglect and dysfunction, we forget what Psalms 127:3 teaches us: Children are a blessing from the Lord.
Recently, we […]


A business man helping others reach their dreams in Africa

Children catalyze change. The Lord’s pounding home that theme on my trip.
I told you about the cafe owner yesterday. Today I met with a gifted guy from Mississippi, doing business in Kampala. He once worked for KPMG. Now he’s […]


A cafe in Uganda caring for children

Children catalyze change. We’ve come to know this as fact in this ministry. On this economic development summit, this fact is further confirmed.
Yesterday, I met with a Ugandan woman who owns one of the hottest new businesses in Kampala. […]


Scouting Notes from Haiti: The Road to Psalm 23

Titanyen, Haiti— For first time guests to Haiti, the road trip north on National Route 1 from Croix-des-Bouquets to Gonaives is one of the more unique aspects of a visit. And for many different reasons.
Let’s begin with the highway. […]