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2 Minutes with GO | August 2020 update

Amidst all of the pressure, so many good things are continuing to happen because of you. In the latest episode of 2 Minutes with GO, CEO Joe Knittig shares an update on the ministry: the current global crisis, a […]


A testimonial from Lebanon | “We have become all the same”

In the midst of all this chaos, Mohamad Ataya, a member of Tyre Church, our local partner in Lebanon, shared his testimonial on the impact of the Beirut explosion:
“We have become all the same, all in need of help, […]


A Field Update from Lebanon | Mercy. Opportunity. Advancement.

Our President, Trace Thurlby, recently landed in Beirut and has shared a field update:
The damage exceeded the casualties. When driving the streets of Beirut last night, I could not believe that more people weren’t killed in last week’s explosion. […]


Beirut and the Children of the World | Joe Knittig, CEO

Please watch this:

This explosion happened at the port of Lebanon in Beirut. Hundreds died and thousands are wounded. What you might not glean from reporting is that the country’s main grain storage silos, storing 85% of the country’s grain, were destroyed.
Lebanon as a […]