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5 things social workers want you to know

Ask any social worker why they chose to become a social worker and you’re likely to hear this same response: “I wanted to help people.” These highly trained, caring professionals provide vital, life-changing support to children and families in […]


Haitian leader dreams of a world where all fathers care for their children

At GO Project, we’re proud to employ a diverse group of leaders who are deeply familiar with the places where we serve and passionate about lifting up the people who live there. Odinès Paulimé has been a vital member […]


Bishop Martin calls on the Church to care for kids and “knock the system out”

In the small rural town of Possum Trot, Texas, you won’t find streetlights, McDonalds, or even a post office. Dirt roads, woods, and small-town living are all the roughly 700 people who live there know about. Head into the […]