Monthly Archives - February 2016

God's Stories From Bunia

By Rose Kanyunyuzi, Facilitator for Local Church Partnerships, GO Africa
In December 2015 while visiting the Father’s House in Bunia, the Father’s House management committee and I organized a mini camp for the children.
The camp activities included a running competition, […]


A Band of Brothers

By Trip Manager Stephanie Mutert
What was happening in the Jumecourt dining room? The acoustic tones seamlessly merging with Creole lyrics would make any passerby curious. The effect even stopped and redirected conversations of GO Haiti staff on the upper […]


Did You Know that CarePortal is part of a larger vision?

You’ve heard it before; it’s the CarePortal motto: Every church doing a little. It’s a God-inspired vision of local churches working with local workers to care for vulnerable children in tangible ways. In the United States, this vision evolved […]