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CEO takes a "Road Less Traveled"

Vern Cushenbery, CEO of Cush Capital Management LLC, writes about how a recent trip to Haiti was one of the more impactful trips he has ever taken.
In his words…
i Jan ou Ye is Creole (the national language of […]


Jeremy Riddle to Headline Global Orphan Project Event

Jeremy Riddle, the Christian recording artist best known for his song Sweetly Broken, and 2007 s New Artist of the Year, will be the featured entertainment at The Global Orphan Project s annual celebration and fund-raiser. 100% […]


Kansas City Examiner

The Global Orphan Project saves lives in poorest nations
October 15, 2009
The Global Orphan Project is combating the global war on homeless orphans by connecting people to the need in some innovative ways.


New Food Distribution Program for Haiti

Feeding orphan children is not easy, in fact when things like Hurricanes hit it is downright hard. That’s why continuing to improve food distribution in Haiti has been particularly important.
Some facts on Haiti:

80% of the people live off […]