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Sending Academy students

Jesus leading in the Sending Academy

Sending Academy Update: We are wrapping up week four of our first Sending Academy class. God is moving! We've seen walls start to crumble, emotional highs and lows, and Jesus leading in all of it. Local faith leaders and business leaders have been engaging over the last two… Read More

Expanding opportunity

We are expanding apparel production in Haiti to create more jobs! Our original production center has grown beyond its capacity, and we are finally ready to expand into a 24,000 sq. ft. facility where we will make beautiful products for GOEX and other private labels seeking a… Read More

Sending Academy

New year, new opportunities at the Sending Academy

It's a new year. For a lot of people, 2015 will mean new gym memberships, welcoming new family members–through births and adoptions or weddings–family vacations, graduations, and a bunch of new memories. But for some young adults in Kansas City, 2015 marks the beginning of… Read More

100 Reasons not to Foster or Adopt

"There are 100 reasons not to foster or adopt,"John Moore said Saturday, raising the Bible in his hand. "The only problem is that none of them can be found in this book." He was right, and 570 people from 170 churches at last weekend's Focus on the Family Wait No More event,… Read More

Caring for the Fatherless

The National Foster Care Initiative is a unified effort involving numerous churches, Christian foster care organizations, and agencies throughout the country who believe that if we work in unity and humbly serve along side our local and state governments, we will truly see the… Read More

Church and State? Yes!

Bishop Aaron Blake and eight other church leaders from Texas testified before a committee of the Texas legislature on September 30th. The pastors explained the Biblical mandate of the church, which is to care for widows and orphans, and how each of the churches they lead are… Read More

Protective Homes

The Urban Dictionary refers to Johnson County, Kansas as the “OC” (Orange County, California) of the Midwest. To many in the Kansas City community, Johnson County residents are often associated with being people who pursue comfort, luxury, and ease. Not very often will you… Read More

Daddy did it!

A friend of mine, Alex*, who is a champion for children, brought in three foster sons this week. Yesterday, his wife suggested he go sit on the couch and read with Jordan*, the oldest. Just into elementary school, Jordan reads well, which is especially impressive given the… Read More

Single Moms Night

Supporting Single Mothers

Caring for kids in the US, often means caring for parents in the US. One of the leading risk factors for abuse or neglect of children is simply being in a single parent home. Lower incomes, increased stress due to the burden of family responsibilities, and a smaller network of… Read More

US Orphan Care

Courage is Caring for Children

The reality is courage is what keeps children in families. And God isn't stingy when we ask for courage. God has empowered people of all different races, cultures, and socioeconomic backgrounds to adopt children in Kansas City and beyond. They are caring for and welcoming in… Read More