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C3 Children and Homes Snapshot

Current Homes: 27 homes; 1,161 children and growing
Haiti – 15 homes (585 children and growing)
Thailand – 7 homes (438 children and growing)
Cambodia – 2 homes (72 children and growing)
West Africa – 1 home (12 children and growing)
Tanzania – 1 […]


C3 Missions Newsletter

November 2007:6
Each month we desire to pass along the DNA of C3, the “stuff” that binds us and the children we serve. This month’s photo-of-the-month honorees – Bob and Janie Hodgdon, and Isabelle Redford – tell the story.

Thurman […]


Tropical Storm Noel

“I knew it would eventually happen. I just knew it. If one goes to Haiti often enough it is bound to happen. Yes, we managed to let a tropical storm (Hurricane) slip up on us during our trip […]