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Story Tellers

There is a story being written about your church.  It won’t appear in the local newspaper or newscast, allowing for broad consumption; yet, this story will be implicitly carried in the hearts of those across the community.  That story […]


How We Want to Live

Claude Mondesir grew up without a father in Haiti.  He worked for everything he got.  Going to school was a pipedream.  Jesus was unknown.  That all changed at age 16 when Claude met Pastor Kelly, who according to Claude, […]


Education: A big challenge. A big responsibility.

What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to a human soul.  – Joseph Addison

Education is among every developing nation’s biggest challenges and greatest responsibilities. Some say education is the key to unlocking every promise of hope […]


On The Grid: Tier 1 – Foster Care

Perhaps the biggest misconception about the foster care system: I have to be a foster parent to engage in the child welfare system.
This misconception has emerged because of the lack of awareness: there are simply ineffective means to communicate […]


Planting Seeds and Growing Futures

The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.  – Mark Van Doren
At the heart of education is the teacher. Teachers have been equated to gardeners, architects and artists. A teacher sees into the soul of each student, […]


How Creative Can You Get?

Have you heard the story of The Crayon Initiative?
It’s a beautiful tale, emerging from a willingness to ask a question and then to follow the response to the very end. It was founded by a father who asked a […]


Did You Know….That the Ant Is Mightier Than the Bulldozer?

First, watch this 3 minute video.  It’s the story of, what the video creators call, the “equivalent of the great wall of China.”

Please note that the hobby of ant excavation typically involves the selection of dormant, abandoned ant hills.  […]


Running to Gunfire

A good friend of our ministry recently completed police academy training. He told me police are taught to run towards gunfire. They go where the trouble is, step into the fight, and protect the innocent. It’s not safe, but […]