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Kids Helping Kids | The Malawi Challenge

From forgoing birthday presents, to biking across Haiti, this global family has done so many amazing things to raise money and care for kids around the world. This week, we're blown away by the initiative of our friends behind The Malawi Challenge.   Chuck and Debi… Read More

A Different December – Because of YOU!

We live in a time of increasing division. Yet there is a buoyant counterforce at work that is joyful, hopeful and transformational. And it’s manifested when people from all walks of life connect to provide opportunity for children our world has left behind.  Our goal… Read More

Giving Tuesday | Giving the Orphaned and Vulnerable Hope

[embed][/embed] Pierre's story isn't unique. His single mother was unable to support her four children, leading Pierre into the care of  one of our Haitian orphan care partners at age 10. Pierre has overcome significant trials and obstacles and is… Read More

Photo Update: New latrine at Biggarouse

Pastor Elysée Jean and the children at Biggarouse are praising God for progress on the construction of the new latrine at "Big House". "Sometimes we take for granted how something as simple as a working toilet can radically impact a child's ability to develop healthily,"… Read More

Children helping children

By Taylor Burdiss, CarePortal intern The CarePortal network includes churches of all sizes, ages, and demographics. The common thread that binds these churches is the longing to serve local children and families in crisis. No need is the same. No response is the same. In… Read More

Welcome to the Family

By GO Fellow Sarah Herrera Latremblay is a village under the care of ever-enthusiastic Pastor Claude. A practical legend amongst his own community and many others, Claude has a passion for loving the orphan because he was one himself. Growing up the victim of a broken… Read More

Chickens, Children, and Chests

For the last seven years, GO Project and friends have gathered at English Landing Park for our Family 5K/2 Mile Walk/Brian Boyd Kids’ Fun Run.  One year we ran for chickens…money raised from the event went to provide poultry to dinner bowls of beans and rice.  For fun, we… Read More

The Great Wall of China. Living Bigger than Ourselves.

Yesterday we had the opportunity to stand on the Great Wall. I've heard the facts...a wonder of the world; it can be seen from space, took hundreds of years to build, stretches a distance longer than from LA to NYC, etc. I had even stood on it nine years ago. The memory of this… Read More

The Halliburton Story Update

In April of 2014 Melvin and Keisha Halliburton received an email that a 14, 12, 9, and 5-year-old siblings in their neighborhood needed a home. GO Project invested funds with World Harvest to renovate their home so they could meet State regulations for foster parenting. They… Read More

C3 aLIVE: Funds 600 children & daily life care for 715 orphans for 3 years

C3 Missions International C3 aLIVE 2008 Event Raises More Than $1.4 Million in One Evening for World Orphans Funds will provide housing for more than 600 children and daily life care for 715 orphans for 3 years Click the picture of Isabelle & Dony below… Read More