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Father’s Family Program Empowers Displaced Families in Africa

In northeastern Congo, there are a number of rebel groups who roam the areas surrounding the town of Bunia. Some are driven by ethnic cleansing while others are driven ideologically by radical Islam/ISIS. Their persistent attacks have caused thousands […]


Fundraising Toolkit

Welcome to The Global Orphan Project Fundraising Toolkit! Peer-to-peer fundraising allows you to start a fundraiser on behalf of GO Project. GO Project uses a technology called Classy for peer-to-peer fundraising. They are a secure donation site and you […]


Uganda Travel Diary | Cathie Simpson

GO Project Travel Coordinator/Support, Cathie Simpson, works behind the scenes in GO Project field coordination. In March 2020, she got the chance to go on a trip of her own and went on a life-changing journey to Uganda where […]