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1,000 Kids Served | GOEX August Impact

To the GOEX Customer Community - THANK YOU! Because you chose to care for kids through the purchase of your apparel, The Global Orphan Project is able to meet three huge needs in the month of August. $3,000 | Education in Pothawira, Malawi Pothawira means “safe… Read More

4,800 Tees Funding Care for Kalkedon | GOEX

Meet Kalkedon. Every time you shop GOEX, all of the profit goes to fund projects set in motion to help children like her. By collectively purchasing 4,800 tees, the GOEX customer community is partnering with The Global Orphan Project to provide Kalkedon and 35 other children… Read More


GOEX is Better Work Certified

GOEX, our brand that cares for kids, is proud to be a Better Work certified organization. What does that mean? It means that our production facility goes above and beyond the highest labor standards internationally. The Better Work certification is one of the most… Read More

GOEX | Year 2 Update

Thank you for dreaming with us. Two years ago, Joe Knittig—GOEX and GO Project CEO—stood on the floor of an empty production floor to announce a new initiative. Since that time, God has used YOU to grow that dream into an apparel enterprise employing 112 individuals… Read More

SAVE THE DATE: The BIG Event, August 20

On Sunday, August 20, The Global Orphan Project plans to host the 12th annual BIG Event at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. Join us as we celebrate hope, transformation and investment in the lives of the world’s most vulnerable. What is The BIG Event? What… Read More

Buy GOEX: A Buck-a-Tee to Kids!

T-shirts. You buy lots of them. Your church, your school, your business, your favorite charities . . . they buy lots of promotional and branded tees. Did you know those same shirts are often made in hidden conditions that create orphans? GOEX provides a new choice. GOEX is… Read More

Joe Knittig

2 Minutes with GO | Jan ’17 Quarterly Update

Life is busy. We get it, so in this quarter’s update Joe Knittig will share news about Hurricane Matthew recovery efforts in Haiti, a need for prayer in Uganda, and explosive growth through CarePortal in the US — all in two minutes . . . well, almost. Joe also… Read More

Generator Generating Jobs

Generating Jobs

In America, we don’t rely on generators much.  Sure hospitals, remote hunting lodges, and the like are exceptions, but for the most part, a generator is a nice-to-have here.  Power is accessible, reliable, and affordable.  Not so in many parts of the world, including… Read More

Did You Know that CarePortal is part of a larger vision?

You’ve heard it before; it’s the CarePortal motto: Every church doing a little. It’s a God-inspired vision of local churches working with local workers to care for vulnerable children in tangible ways. In the United States, this vision evolved into a scalable technology… Read More

Meet Dorceus

We are dedicating your Different December donations to meeting the Now Needs of children of all ages around the world, including young adults in GO Project's Pathways program, like Dorceus. Last August, Dorceus graduated from the first class at Pathways, GO Haiti’s… Read More