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05-2016 All in One

Love comes in all forms…even chalk!

By GO Fellow Sarah Herrera The excitement surrounding visitors radiating from the All In One Family village is extraordinary. Top off their love for new friends with an interacting group of high school students, in addition to endless creativity, and you’ve got a recipe for… Read More


A Trip into the Orphan Window

As you respond to God working in your life and venture into the orphan window to truly live James 1:27, it’s fascinating how perspective changes. Before, you were immune to the orphan and the needs of the communities in Haiti caring for them in children’s homes. After, each… Read More


The Love of the Father

Ricardo (in the red and black shirt above) was one of my favorites at Casa Amor, our partner in the Dominican Republic.  CONANI (DR’s child welfare) brought him into care because his dad was no longer in the picture, and his mom was sick and unable to care for him.  Month… Read More

02-2016 Hinche

Forging friendships across cultures

By Trip Manager Stephanie Mutert One of my favorite things to do in Haiti is travel with an American church that has chosen to partner with a local Haitian church. When each church is willing to pray for, support, and build relationships across cultural and international… Read More

02-2016 Latremblay 15

Lap space

By Trip Manager Stephanie Mutert Many times, it is common to wish you had more lap space when hanging out with the Pastor’s kids. The giggles and young energy that manifests in wiggles are abundant when visitors are hanging out. This visitor to Latremblay 15 made… Read More

A beautiful smile

By Trip Manager Stephanie Mutert Who isn’t a sucker for a beautiful smile? These two kept playing hide and seek behind a wall with those who were walking around the village to see the agriculture in the back part of the Darivager village. Ducking back and forth behind… Read More

02-2016 Desire

A valued and trusted friendship

By Trip Manager Stephanie Mutert There are many cultural intricacies of Haiti that we are constantly learning as we gain deeper relationships with the local church partners. One of the things a Haitian might do when they are talking to you is touch your shoulder, hold your… Read More

02-2016 Biggarouse

Waiting for Mondays

By Trip Manager Stephanie Mutert One of the things I love seeing at the villages during the school day are the younger kids who have so much excitement to be in school. They wait through the entire weekend for school to start again. Mondays are not dreaded by kids who cannot… Read More

02-2016 Leogane

Education and Reunification

By Trip Manager Stephanie Mutert I met this young fellow in March of 2014 on my very first weekend after moving to Haiti. It was one of those unexplainable, supernatural connections in the first moments of stepping off of the bus. He was a scrawny, little guy and very shy,… Read More

02-2016 SDLG East

Simply talking

By Trip Manager Stephanie Mutert There are lots of ideas about what to do with the time once you are hanging out with the kids in the pastor’s care at the villages. Soccer is always popular and jump ropes will swing for hours with people switching out slapping it to the… Read More