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Your Dollar’s Journey to India

There are dollar bills circulating the world marked with a tracking code and website to follow each dollar’s journey. It’s unifying to consider where your dollars have traveled and the many hands they have touched. Each dollar has the potential to leave rippling impact… Read More

CarePortal Goes to Haiti

CarePortal Region Goes to Haiti. You Can, Too!

"There’s a church in the community who cares for orphaned and vulnerable children." This ambiguous statement could be made of churches all over the world. These churches possess the same heartbeat, even though the location varies. For those of us in the CarePortal network,… Read More

May we read it again?

By Trip Manager Stephanie Mutert Seeking to engage older kids working on English language skills, as well as younger kids simply fond of pictures in books, some recent visitors brought English and Creole versions of Bible stories. Knowing attention spans are limited for… Read More

Welcome to the Family

By GO Fellow Sarah Herrera Latremblay is a village under the care of ever-enthusiastic Pastor Claude. A practical legend amongst his own community and many others, Claude has a passion for loving the orphan because he was one himself. Growing up the victim of a broken… Read More

Love comes in all forms…even chalk!

By GO Fellow Sarah Herrera The excitement surrounding visitors radiating from the All In One Family village is extraordinary. Top off their love for new friends with an interacting group of high school students, in addition to endless creativity, and you’ve got a recipe for… Read More

A Trip into the Orphan Window

As you respond to God working in your life and venture into the orphan window to truly live James 1:27, it’s fascinating how perspective changes. Before, you were immune to the orphan and the needs of the communities in Haiti caring for them in children’s homes. After, each… Read More

The Love of the Father

Ricardo (in the red and black shirt above) was one of my favorites at Casa Amor, our partner in the Dominican Republic.  CONANI (DR’s child welfare) brought him into care because his dad was no longer in the picture, and his mom was sick and unable to care for him.  Month… Read More

Forging friendships across cultures

By Trip Manager Stephanie Mutert One of my favorite things to do in Haiti is travel with an American church that has chosen to partner with a local Haitian church. When each church is willing to pray for, support, and build relationships across cultural and international… Read More

Lap space

By Trip Manager Stephanie Mutert Many times, it is common to wish you had more lap space when hanging out with the Pastor’s kids. The giggles and young energy that manifests in wiggles are abundant when visitors are hanging out. This visitor to Latremblay 15 made… Read More

A beautiful smile

By Trip Manager Stephanie Mutert Who isn’t a sucker for a beautiful smile? These two kept playing hide and seek behind a wall with those who were walking around the village to see the agriculture in the back part of the Darivager village. Ducking back and forth behind… Read More