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Where was Jesus? | Hurricane Matthew, Update 8

We saw it coming last week. Television tracked the Category 4, once-in-a decade Hurricane Matthew for days before it hit southwest Haiti.  We’ve seen the destruction. Coastal towns stripped as bare as a battlefield. We know the need. Hundreds dead. Tens of… Read More

Dibogo and Elizabeth

Huruma was one of our first church-based orphan care projects in Africa. Six years ago Jessie Tingsen, a Filipino pastor and his wife, planted a local, indigenous church in Tanzania. They soon were confronted with the  obvious: how can a church show the love of Christ, in… Read More

Annet N

Annet is a house mom at Kabale Father’s House and takes care of 10 girls. The girls in her home like reading, but sometimes they are very playful. “They listen when advised and are obedient because in most cases, they do whatever I tell them to do as a mother in the… Read More


Hope is a house mama at Father’s House Kabale. She takes care of 11 boys in her home. Hope shares that the boys show interest in studying, and they seem to like it as of now. They try hard to read their books. "Some of the older boys behave stubbornly at times, but when I… Read More


Kellen is the house mama at Father’s House Kabale and cares for 10 boys in her home. She has made a difference in the lives of many who have visited her in Uganda, and you can read more about how here>> Her boys, she explains, behave like any other normal child, and… Read More


Christine is the house mama at Father’s House Kabale, and she takes care of 9 boys in her home. She says her boys are very good, and she thanks God for the time they have spent together. She prays that the Lord protects them, and that they become important people in… Read More


Loy is a house mama at Father’s House Kabale and cares for 10 boys in her home. The boys are all in good health and studying well. They participate in chapel activities, take care of the rabbits, help with the gardening, and take care of the goats in the evenings after… Read More

Honoring Mamas this Mother's Day

Moms around the world hold families together. They tend to runny noses and scraped knees. They help with homework. They give hugs and kisses, and like any mom, their 'job' never ends. In the video above Celanie, a House Mama at Source de la Grace East, Haiti, shares how being… Read More


Peace is a house mama at Father’s House Kabale and takes care of 7 girls in her home. Her children are well behaved, and she shares, “they listen to what I tell them and follow it. They like reading their books except one girl, otherwise they like studying. They like the… Read More


Mary is a house mama at the Father’s House Kabale, and takes care of nine girls in her home. Her girls like studying, especially when they come back from school. Concerning their behaviors, some of them are very well behaved and obedient, while others are stubborn. As… Read More