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Giving Tuesday | Giving the Orphaned and Vulnerable Hope

[embed][/embed] Pierre's story isn't unique. His single mother was unable to support her four children, leading Pierre into the care of  one of our Haitian orphan care partners at age 10. Pierre has overcome significant trials and obstacles and is… Read More

Generator Generating Jobs

Generating Jobs

In America, we don’t rely on generators much.  Sure hospitals, remote hunting lodges, and the like are exceptions, but for the most part, a generator is a nice-to-have here.  Power is accessible, reliable, and affordable.  Not so in many parts of the world, including… Read More

Did You Know that CarePortal is part of a larger vision?

You’ve heard it before; it’s the CarePortal motto: Every church doing a little. It’s a God-inspired vision of local churches working with local workers to care for vulnerable children in tangible ways. In the United States, this vision evolved into a scalable technology… Read More

10 Min with GO Quarterly Update Jan 2016

10 Minutes with GO: Quarterly Update January 2016

It’s always a privilege to share with you what we see God doing around the world through this ministry each quarter. We invite you to take a look at January's 10 Minutes with GO Project below. Our hope is video updates, like this one, will help you connect with our partners… Read More

Planting Seeds and Growing Futures

The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.  – Mark Van Doren At the heart of education is the teacher. Teachers have been equated to gardeners, architects and artists. A teacher sees into the soul of each student, plants seeds of promise and nourishes their… Read More

Pathways Graduation

By Stephanie Mutert & Jake Barreth Beneath the gentle hum of a dozen sewing machines a small group of girls huddle together in a back corner. Feigning work, they unsuccessfully attempt to talk without moving their lips. No one seems to mind. The excitement promised by… Read More

Update from Life SA, Haiti

Things are bustling at The GO Exchange and Life SA production center in Haiti. Watch this recent update to hear more about the new things taking place... Life SA Update - August 2015 from The Global Orphan Project on Vimeo. Read More

What’s (still) in a uniform

At the BIG Event in 2012, this video took us to Uganda to answer the question: What’s in a (school) uniform? Access to education. Jobs for tailors. Dignity. “Sew” much more than meets the eye. This June, I went back to one of the sewing centers featured in the video. I… Read More

Sprint: Connecting Commerce and Care

Through a lot of hard work and focus, Sprint® – a Kansas City based company – recently excelled in a competition measuring network performance in KC. To celebrate with our city, Sprint launched its #kcproud campaign. Sprint partnered with us at GOEX to provide 40,000… Read More

Chickens helping families

Jean Ronald (above)  is helping raise chickens at the GO Haiti poultry farm. A second-year student in the Pathways Program, he's learning how to care for animals like goats and chickens, plant and grow crops, and is developing valuable business skills in the process. The… Read More