The way it really is

The Tour d’Uganda team arrived in Uganda late last night/early this morning, depending on whose clock you are using. Glad to be here!

In the last of four flights, I sat next to a talkative Harvard instructor. 40’s. Single. Educated at Smith. In Africa to teach yoga, visit family, and climb Kilimanjaro. She bristled a bit when she learned that GO Project is answering a Biblical mandate to care for God’s children.

She made a comment about “not forcing people to worship your God” to receive care. While I assured her we did not, I wish I had more effectively communicated the way it really is.

Our experience at GO, is not that our local partners need us to point them to Jesus. Their faith is more often a blessing and exhortation to us. Did my words do justice to the work God is doing through so many pastors who are not waiting for US funds before they care for His children? No, but that doesn’t make it any less true. God is raising up His Church around the world to care for His children…and these people know for themselves the hope and name of Jesus! They are not being forced to believe. They are not spiritually following the US money. They are following Jesus, and often leading us in areas of sacrifice, conviction, commitment, and perseverance…that’s the way it really is.