Texas Church Becomes 1,000th Active Member of CarePortal Community

Since CarePortal’s inception, this community has been working toward the day of a Church-centered child welfare system.

We don’t expect this transformation to happen overnight. Rather, as a football commentator might narrate, this change is a story of inches, with each inch representing a milestone victory.

Each inch represents a child and family in crisis helped by the local church. Each inch includes the activation of a new church in the CarePortal community, for each church represents a new voice in the larger dialogue of caring for kids.

We pray for the day that hundreds of thousands—even millions—of children will be able to tell a story of how the local church helped their family in a time of crisis. The arrival of that day, however, requires inches to be walked, or, as we like to say . . . every church doing a little.

The creation of a Church-centered child welfare culture will not occur on a national level. A Church-centered child welfare culture must be wrought in each individual community across the nation. In each town, churches must unite to care for those children and families in their community. When unity occurs, local children and families will find the local church community waiting with open arms to meet their needs.

1,000 Churches — All Doing a Little

How fitting that the 1,000th active member of the CarePortal community is named Brazos Christian Church? The Spanish word brazos means “arms”, and this church’s name reflects their hope to welcome, serve and love their neighbor.

Brazos Christian Church is a small congregation, located in the suburbs of Fort Worth and sitting on the border of two counties. While made up of only around 70 members, this church believes in the power of “every church doing a little”, and they are doing their part. Several families are foster and adoptive parents. The church also provides a monthly respite night for foster and adopting families in their community. Now they are eager to respond to CarePortal requests.

Brazos Christian, we are excited to watch you serve those in your community and partner with other local churches to change the culture of child welfare in your city. May God fill your spirit with grace, your heart with generosity, and your eyes with love.

1000 churches

Reaching 1,000 active churches requires 999 other active churches. For all of those in the CarePortal community, we are so blessed to serve with you. Through your efforts, the needs of more than 8,000 children have been met.

Interested in learning how to open your church’s arms to local children and families in crisis?  Please contact us to learn more.