Torit, Sudan

Joe Knittig in Torit, Sudan

Memo to file: civilians shouldn’t make the drive from Juba up country in the night.

We’re about 4 1/2 hours into our drive to our potential pilot site in Torit. It’s a dusty, bumpy ride. And quite sobering.

At one point we passed by a spot with hundreds and hundreds of red stakes in the ground, and a couple of trashed, burned out trucks. The stakes marked a mine field. The trucks were N. Sudanes trucks from a battle. The S. Sudanes army ambushed the trucks in the war and left the bodies to the lions. War.

Another hour or so in, and we found a huge truck stuck in the mud. A single driver. He has been on the road for 1 week, stuck twice for most of that time.

Still further, we came to a bridge clogged with army vehicles. Bridge was busted. We had to take a detour around the bridge, down through a huge gully. Coming up the other side, an armed soldier awaited. Half in the bag and agitated that civilians were traveling at night, we had a dicey moment or two. No big deal. When he learned what we’re doing, he let us continue – no problem.

And now I’ll wrap up as we have arrived in Torit. I have to say, the Lord has given us favor again. And the opportunity to partner with the local church here is both obvious and challenging. We are right where we should be at this moment.

Here are a couple of pics…

Typical house in Sudan
Typical house in Sudan

Typical village in Sudan
Typical village in Sudan