You’re Invited to India

The Global Orphan Project is pleased to announce some exciting news from our International Orphan Care team. Our first open Vision Trip to visit children in the care of our local church partners in Sarampet and Hyderabad, India is scheduled for February 15-25, 2018.

What if you were on that plane?


What to Expect on a GO India Vision Trip

For those traveling on a GO India Vision Trip, you will experience the vision of culturally relevant, local church-based orphan care. You will also build relationships with local church leaders and members caring for the children and spend time playing with and loving the children living there. Expect activities similar to what you would do with your own kids—singing, games, crafts, hugging and holding.









As is often the case with GO Project Vision Trips, those who attend are frequently moved to tears not by what they feel they’ve done for others but by what they feel others have done for them. We hope you’ll join us.

You’re invited.

Next Steps on Your Way to India

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