CarePortal – Behind the Scenes

Thanks to you, CarePortal community, beautiful stories are written every day in communities from Phoenix, Arizona to Raleigh, North Carolina. Today, we want to share with you a peek behind the curtain.

Just within the past week, child welfare workers have praised the passion of the Church. Their celebration is in thanks to a caring body of believers, and the outcomes are happier and healthier families. Here are examples of feedback from agency workers after seeing their requests met through CarePortal:

CarePortal - Behind the Scenes

“I really feel, as a worker, that we have the support we need. The process is simple, and the people responding are so kind and efficient.”

“[CarePortal] helps me realize that, in spite of all the problems in our society, there are caring people out there ready to respond to a need when one arises.”

“I was so encouraged by how fast people were willing to give. I know it’s not about a race to do it first, but it is wonderful when people JUMP at the opportunity to help.” 

“As a DHS worker, we may not always agree with our client’s lifestyle, but the focus is always on the children. As long as we can help the kids have a more secure and healthy home, it is all worth it.”

Wow. Not only is the Church reaching out to care for children and families, but the child welfare workers are impacted as well. Hearts are opened, and hope is found. These are examples of such hope, discovered by families this past week after having their need met by a church:

CarePortal - Behind the Scenes

“The family wanted me to share their extreme thanks for the generosity that has been shown to them. They stated that they cannot put into words the blessing it is to have [their son] with them and to be able to provide the services he needs to thrive.”

“When the family found out that they were receiving help it gave them motivation…” 

“This young mother will be very thankful she can get into these classes. She wants to learn how to have a healthy and safe relationship.”

The act of love is valuable; it impacts lives and transforms them. Here are some stories of Love from the Church, for which we are most excited:

CarePortal - Behind the Scenes “A church member made a connection with this young dad. They purchased everything and invited him to church, and he is taking his family to church this Sunday. The dad shared a lot of his story and struggles with the church member, and the church member gave him permission to contact any time.”

“[The family] was so expressive in how good God is, and wonderful [the church is] to communicate with. This is truly a big blessing for this family, and this child is now one step closer to being home!”

As child welfare agencies submit their clients’ needs, and as churches care for local children and families in crisis in their communities, families find restoration, and the Church is allowed the honor of glorifying Christ.

We are encouraged by your devotion to care for children and families in your communities, and we hope you are encouraged by the impact you are making.