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Pictures of Progress

Two years ago, Jake Barreth was in Port Au Prince serving as GO Haiti’s Field Director, where he often wrestled with the question – What happens to these children when they turn 18? By law, they can no longer […]


At LaHatte, Stability equals 100%

by Jake Barreth
I’ve asked dozens of Haitians the question, “What do you think Haiti needs most?”  Nine times out of ten their answer is, “Better education.”  In a country where only 50% of the population is literate and less […]


What do you see?

At this morning’s vision-trip devotional, GO Haiti team member, Odeness, took us to Genesis 1:26. He shared how the Lord had taught him to view life and its challenges thru the Truth of being created in the image of […]


The Business of Birds

by Jenni (GO Fellow)

With GO, you hear a lot about ideas like “sustainability” and “transforming lives through orphan care.” Though these concepts are not altogether distant from one another, they unite in unique ventures that provide income for orphan […]


Haitian Business – Sustaining Orphan Care

Within GO Project, we describe our economic development model as: “glocal sustainability.”
We launch local businesses in line with demand that our orphan care programs create. Clothing, for example. (You’ve been hearing more and more about our […]