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2014 – Counting God’s many blessings

Orphan Care Residential Orphan Care for children who would otherwise fend for themselves remains our core calling. More than 2,340 previously- orphaned and abandoned children from 230 communities around the world are now in the care of their local church family. This… Read More


Emma Maseko has been a Mama for a long time [read her story], loving family, both her own and Pothawira's. Emma cares for women, supporting the house mamas on a daily basis and leading the National Women of Malawi Organization. The mamas look to her for advice, encouragement… Read More

myGO – Your ministry

One of our favorite things at GO is watching you all take over the ministry of championing children in need.  For example, Click the Brick is Chuck and Debi Wolfe’s dream, born from their hearts and home in Tampa, Florida, to launch a high school at Pothawira in rural… Read More

Merry Christmas from The Care Portal

Christmas is a time we give to show gratitude for what we have been given. Sometimes the people we bless are friends and family. Sometimes they are complete strangers. This Christmas, Marsha, a CPS worker in Texas, used The Care Portal to speak up for eight children in… Read More


Mamas love their children. They take care of them. Get them to school. Help end their arguments. Comfort them when they have bad dreams. Pray for their futures... Mama Alice in Gulu, Uganda does this and more for the 9 little girls she cares for. Like all daughters, they need… Read More


The Global Orphan Project works with local churches to support some of the most remarkable families on earth. These remarkable families depend upon some of the most remarkable women on earth, women who give their lives to redeem others: our mamas. Like Doreen. Through a… Read More

Churches working together

Recently this Care Portal request came in: "There is a 2-year-old boy on my caseload who is in need of a baby bed. The placement is now co-sleeping with the child, which is not safe. He is in need of a toddler bed, as a pack and play is too small for him." Two Churches, in two… Read More

Eating a school snack at All In One

A Good Day at GO

Anytime we get to send money to our field partners caring for children, it’s a good day.  Today was very good.  This month’s GO Haiti wire included funding to cover: The daily “life care costs” of 1,007 children Teachers’ salaries at ten primary school schools… Read More

Kids at Brisas

A Better Idea

I did some thinking this morning. Maybe it was because I was too lazy to get out of my motel bed in the DR to go for a run. Maybe I'm just getting old and waking up early. Maybe both. For whatever reason, I found myself praying about the lot adjacent to our partner's children's… Read More

Worship Service in Hyderabad

The Mother Church works

God has called GO Project to be a friend to His Church caring for His children. Long after relief agencies and government SUV’s leave, beyond the international headquarters of leading, global non-profits, in villages of Africa, in the densest parts of India is God’s Church… Read More