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C3 Missions Newsletter

December 2007 We've selected three photos for this month that typify, in images, what binds us in the C3 community. It is, indeed, a small world. These children are our neighbors. We know... You still need to tie up the loose ends at work and home, and finish your Christmas… Read More

First Fridays at C3

Ready to get involved? Looking for something great to do with your small group, church, business, family you name it? Just want to kick the tires a little and see what this whole C3 thing is all about? Maybe you're already hooked and just want a place to bring a friend who… Read More

My "in" box

You often here us talk about "making C3 your personal ministry," and celebrating the growing C3 community. This is happening from all directions through all kinds of connections. I thought you'd like to see how simple God makes it. This is an e-mail exchange - a few key strokes… Read More

C3 Children and Homes Snapshot

Current Homes: 27 homes; 1,161 children and growing Haiti - 15 homes (585 children and growing) Thailand - 7 homes (438 children and growing) Cambodia - 2 homes (72 children and growing) West Africa - 1 home (12 children and growing) Tanzania - 1 home (4 children and… Read More

C3 Missions Newsletter

November 2007:6 Each month we desire to pass along the DNA of C3, the "stuff" that binds us and the children we serve. This month's photo-of-the-month honorees - Bob and Janie Hodgdon, and Isabelle Redford - tell the story. Thurman Mitchell Passions Awards - C3's the Top… Read More

Tropical Storm Noel

"I knew it would eventually happen. I just knew it. If one goes to Haiti often enough it is bound to happen. Yes, we managed to let a tropical storm (Hurricane) slip up on us during our trip in October. Yes, we went to Haiti in October. But honestly, there wasn't even a… Read More

C3 Missions Newsletter

October 2007:5 Meet Grace and Joy, our photo-of-the-month honorees. Their story tells the story God's writing in C3. This month, we're foregoing facts and figures, and telling the story of Grace and Joy. One image. One story. As many of you know, we lead several vision… Read More

C3 Missions Newsletter

September 2007:4 We're starting a photo-of-the-month tradition. Mercy Flora got the nod in August. Here's the September installment: Hang on, now! You expected to have an "AWWWW, HOW SWEET" moment. Instead you got this. There's a story here. On the left, you'll see our… Read More

Haiti – "Top 10 things to do"

We are heading to Haiti in a couple of days. Seventeen of us are traveling together on this 4 day journey to spend precious time with several hundred kids living in various C3 Missions homes. I believe this particular trip will mark my sixth travel to Haiti. Six times to Haiti… Read More

C3 Missions Newsletter

August 2007:3   1,100 Children and Growing Strong Last month we chuckled at our "dream" to one day build 5 - maybe 10 - homes; a couple hundred children. Today we marvel at what God is doing through this ministry. On Sunday, August 12, 2007, we welcomed 250 orphaned… Read More