Job Creation

Strengthening families through the dignity of work.

Poverty is a major problem that impacts hundreds of millions of people all over the globe. The overwhelming stress from not having access to both a stable AND livable income can make it impossible for parents to provide the very basics for their family. Without the means to feed, clothe, shelter, and support their kids’ healthy development, many families spiral into crisis and sadly break apart.

By harnessing the power of commerce, we empower parents in some of the most challenging places on earth to break free from the cycle of generational poverty and effectively care for their children through the dignified, fair-wage, and sustainable jobs that we create.

Globally, we directly employ 217 people in 10 different countries

Our workforce includes a diverse mix of professionals including social workers, teachers, sewing operators, program leaders, logistics coordinators, maintenance workers, artisans, and more! Their employment also generates an additional 647 indirect jobs created by other businesses such as suppliers, drivers, cooks, and more.

- Impact in Haiti
Centuries of exploitation, corruption, natural disasters, and other challenges have contributed to the extreme poverty that so many families experience in the beautiful country of Haiti. With more than half the population living below the poverty line, it is here that we created GOEX Apparel to liberate and empower parents with an earned income to support their families.

Local Programs

We also invest in GO Project’s local programs like Father’s Family that incorporates and teaches economic empowerment to help families succeed together, and Transition Academy that equips youth with vital life and trade skills to become independent, thriving adults.

Grant Opportunities

GOEX proudly offers a quarterly grant to celebrate and encourage the excellent work that other nonprofits are doing to support, empower, and advocate for transition-age youth.

Your generous gift helps break the cycle of generational poverty and strengthens families through the dignity of work.