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6 best practices for caring for children with trauma | CarePortal

Experiencing childhood trauma can leave a significant impact that can follow children into adulthood if not properly cared for. Whether it’s the separation of the family, the loss of a loved one, abuse, neglect, or another kind of traumatic […]


Exciting new opportunity combining CarePortal, rock and football

The Global Orphan Project operates CarePortal as our domestic ministry platform. We work behind the scenes to equip local churches to care for local kids in crisis. The CarePortal network of local churches (nearly 2,000 strong and growing) has […]


6 best practices for meeting relational needs | CarePortal

One of the most complicated things in life is to navigate and build our relationships. They are also arguably the most important and rewarding. That’s why at CarePortal, we believe it is so important to connect relationally with children […]