Travel with us to Lebanon and explore how to respond to the needs of those affected by the ongoing conflict in Syria. The team will spend time in Tyre, Lebanon, serving alongside the local church. Team members will be given a firsthand look at how the church is engaging the plight endured by so many refugee families within the Middle East.

Team members will have the opportunity to visit multiple GO Project ministry sites, swim in the Mediterranean, hike the giant cedars of Lebanon and explore the wonders of Beirut’s culture and cuisine. This is a truly unforgettable ministry experience.


Tyre’s history dates back thousands of years, linked to civilizations of antiquity including the Phoenicians, the Greeks, the Romans, and the Byzantines. Serving as an important center of industry, Tyre has been a destination for cultural trade throughout its history. Today, Lebanon is known for its rich Mediterranean cuisine and religious diversity. Lebanon currently serves as a haven for more than 1.5 million refugees, representing approximately 25% of the nation’s population.


Lebanon’s Mediterranean coastline results in cool and rainy winters, with contrasting hot and sunny summers. Temperatures vary through the year, with snowfall occurring in some parts of the country during the winter. In the summer, expect lots of sunshine and temperatures in the low 70s to the high 80s. Please note that weather conditions are subject to change, so recheck the forecast in the days leading up to your trip.

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