During the four days of the men’s retreat, we will be staying on the mountain. This means no car rides into town, no internet and no distractions. It also means much more free time for reflection, connecting with one another, prayer, or whatever each man feels led to create.


Each day we will have group hiking excursions out of Bear Trap Ranch. This will include a hike to San Luis Peak (10,433 feet) which has the most panoramic view of the eastern plains and the Continental Divide. The last fifty feet of the climb is three-point climbing.

We also have two intermediate hikes, Mt. Vigil (10,073 feet) and Devil’s Slide (9,885 feet). Both require either three-point or rope climbing the last twenty feet. Sugarloaf Mountain (9,633 feet) is a casual hike with a great view of the valley to the east.