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Thank You for Making this December Different

Each week this month, we shared stories of children and families experiencing a Different December because of your heart to care for the kids God loves. Before our final story, we'd like to share this short "thank you" from Joe Knittig, CEO of the The Global Orphan… Read More

The First Different December

This December, each Thursday, we’ve been sharing stories of children in need and of those who have stepped in to care for them. In many ways, these stories point back to the first Christmas.  With no earthly father, Joseph needed to step into the stigma of a… Read More

Isemary - Different December

A Different December Because of a T-Shirt

Continuing our Different December series, today we celebrate how December is different for a girl named Isemary . . . because of a T-shirt.  Our mission at GOEX, the marketplace initiative of GO Project, is to break the orphan cycle through the dignity of work. So .… Read More

CarePortal - Car

A Different Story for Foster Mom & Family

During this second week of Different December, we’re highlighting a story of God at work through CarePortal. Every community has children and families in crisis. CarePortal provides a real-time, relational connection for churches who want to care for them. Life can… Read More

Mary and Timothy

A Different December for Mary & Timothy

As we step into this Different December season, we celebrate God's handiwork in 2016. Each Thursday this month, we'll share stories that have gripped our hearts. Mary and Timothy's is just one among more than 16,000 children and families impacted by your generosity in this… Read More

Kerry, A Face of CarePortal

Faces of CarePortal: Meet Kerry

“I see the case manager’s reactions when [the requests] are met. It’s so wonderful to know that there is this large community that just wants to help us pretty much do our jobs . . . To see this large outreach and this large community is here to help us is just amazing .… Read More

Another Good Day at GO Project

At GO, a good day is any day where we get to send funds to the field to meet the needs of local children and families in crisis. This morning, I was cc’ed on this e-mail from Jake Barreth, GO’s Director of International Orphan Care… GO Haiti Team: Attached is the draft… Read More

Bishop Aaron Blake on video

Stand With Us on Orphan Sunday

This Sunday, Christians across the globe will unite with one voice to remember God’s heart for the fatherless. Initiated by the Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO), Orphan Sunday has emerged as an annual reminder of the Lord’s bold declaration of “father to the… Read More

Grandparent holding grandchild's hand

Connecting the Church to Grandma’s Home

On the east side of Kansas City, a different kind of apartment complex exists. In general, apartment complexes are known for their ability to serve a wide variety of tenants, with each apartment’s features standardized to serve one or many residents for years to come. Yet,… Read More

A Terrific Tuesday in Ohio

Tuesdays have a horrific reputation. Gone are the memories of the prior weekend, and the upcoming weekend is still too far away for excitement to emerge. Mondays are known for their less than stellar offerings, but Tuesdays present their very own kind of doldrums. Yet, the… Read More