GO Church Partner in Sarampet, India

Sarampet is a rural village just outside of Hyderabad. Bethel Gospel Church (BGC) Sarampet, planted in 2008, is a strong local church with 20-25 families who faithfully participate in the life of the church, with 8 families serving in leadership in the church, and with a supporting mother church in Hyderabad (Bethel Gospel Church Hyderabad) nearby. BGC Sarampet is currently constructing a new church building in the heart of Sarampet. Started in 1985, BGC has been involved in church planting in rural, tribal and slums, Orphan care, financial aid to widows and poor, and self sustainability works for three years.

In partnership with GO India, BGC Sarampet and BGC Hyderabad carefully surveyed needs of children and families in the community and found a tremendous need for full-time residential care of children whose family care structures have catastrophically failed. Similarly, there is a serious problem with elderly widows and widowers whose family care structures have catastrophically failed. There are also many children on the brink of being abandoned due to poverty and family breakdown, but whose fragile care networks are at least somewhat still intact. These kids are extremely vulnerable in a key part of the day – the afternoons after the schools let out. This is a time when these children are often completely on their own for extended periods of time. There is also a need to increase local food production, and to teach practical farming skills to aging children and to others in the local community. The community at large is also in desperate need of healthy water. Local water sources are too high in fluoride, requiring de-fluoridation of the water. Right now, the government provides potable water and locals store that water for use. Such a system provides for meager water rationing.

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