US Orphan Care

Today, there are over 400,000 children in foster care in the US.* Roughly 9 out of 10 will go home or be quickly adopted. The rest will stay in government care because no one else is willing. The Ones that remain are orphans. God is sending them to His Church. The Global Orphan Project serves US churches who are willing to become family for the Ones. We act as a connector between the Church and the State to move children from State care to family care in local churches. We support our local church partners through the process.

*See trends in US orphan care from the past decade here (PDF).

The State


The people who serve in the US Child welfare system are committed and hard-working, but the reality is that the State isn’t a family. The Church is.

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The Connector


The Global Orphan Project serves US churches called to provide family to the Ones in government foster care systems – the One out of 10 that nobody seems to want.

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The Church


The church is answering the call to become family for the Ones in their community and around the world.

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