GO Transition Academy

GO Transition Academy is GO Project’s 2-year vocational and discipleship training program designed to help young adults who have aged out of orphan care in Haiti make a successful transition into adulthood.

Children in full-time orphan care come from incredibly difficult circumstances. For many, educational opportunities did not previously exist for them. So they arrive at the door of our local church partners greatly under-educated, if they have received any education at all.

2013-14 GO Haiti Pathways ClassThrough sponsorships with our local church partners we are working to improve schools standards and make education more accessible to struggling families in the local community. (See School Sponsorship) Still, we must face reality.

At 18, children become legal adults, and our church partners lose guardianship. Even though some children will not have graduated from Primary School and even fewer from High-School, they are required to leave the church’s orphan homes, leave the care of their hoPathways students learning to bakeuse mamas, and the support of their brothers and sisters. With no viable job skills and a lack of education, the future looks bleak for children, “aging out.”

To help support these children and our local church partners in this critical transition from childhood to adulthood, we started the GO Transition Academy (formerly Pathways):

Located in Croix des Bouquets, the GO Transition Academy is a two-year Job and Life Skills Development Program with a central emphasis on Biblical character development.

The GO Transition Academy equips young adults to be: Jesus-following, job ready, successful young adults who lead, serve, and give back to their local communities.

  • Job Skills

    • The GO Transition Academy provides hands-on job skills development through three skills-based programs:
      • Agriculture: Poultry, farming, goats, pigs and sheep are all part of the training. Working at the GO Haiti Poultry Farm and Vegetable farms, this two-year program is 80 percent hands on.
      • Apparel Production: First-year students learn the basics of sewing on pedal-operated machines. In a partnership between the GO Transition Academy and Threads of Kindness, second-year students work on professional, industrial-grade sewing machines, and learn how to operate each station of an apparel production line. Students finish their education while working within the GO Transition Academy’s Sewing Center making uniforms for local schools.
      • Diesel Mechanic/Driving School: Gaining hands-on experience at the GO Transition Academy’s auto shop, students learn the ins and outs of diesel engine repair and maintenance. Diesel engines are common in Haiti. Whether cars, refrigeration, pumping water, or powering lights, more than likely a diesel engine is doing the hard-work. Diesel repair is a lucrative and growing industry in Haiti.
  • Life Skills.

    • While living at the GO Transition Academy, students will learn basic life skills such as: financial stewardship, personal hygiene, and résumé building, as well as basic core essentials in subjects such as: French, English, and Science. GO Transition Academy students manage a monthly stipend. They are responsible to get themselves to the market via public transportation, buy and prepare their own food, and care for their own clothing. During the summer months, GO Transition Academy students participate in job-specific internships with our partner companies like LIFE S.A. (an apparel manufacturing facility in Tabarre), and Haiti Broilers’ 500,000 poultry farm in Thomazeau. Wages earned during internships are held in a bank account and are given to each GO Transition Academy student upon graduation to assist with their transition to independent living.
  • Character Development.

    • Building a strong work ethic is key to surviving in Haiti. So, the GO Transition Academy is an 80/20 school, meaning 80% of a student’s time is spent in an apprentice-style, hands-on application and 20% is spent in a classroom. Students are also led in daily prayer, worship, and devotion as part of Biblical-character development. Additionally, GO Transition Academy students are required to complete weekly community service projects as part of the program.

Support the GO Transition Academy

The GO Transition Academy is equipping previously orphaned children to transition into job-ready adults fully prepared for what the Lord has in store for them. We invite you to invest in what God is doing in their lives!

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