Orphan Care

Orphan care is our core ministry. We work with local churches, both internationally and domestically, to help them provide family based care for orphaned and abandoned children in their communities. To do this, we need your help. You can engage with this Orphan Care mission by going on a Vision Trip, serving through CarePortal, giving financially, or mobilizing others to help care for children in need of family.

Our 100% Commitment: Every dollar given to care for orphans goes to care for orphans. 

Orphan Care Ministries


Why we care for orphans:

All around the world, children need family. Children need champions. These situations present opportunities for radical life transformation. The Ones, true orphans who have been cut out and left behind, they are our heart. And we’re all learning something deeply mysterious along the way: the little Ones behind cold statistics can teach us how to love more radically, vulnerably, and deeply than we ever imagined. They change us. GO Project is not a ministry of misery, guilt or statistics, but of life transformation.

Will you join this global community caring for local children and families in crisis? Learn more about how you can help.