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Dressed for success

By GO Fellow Sarah Herrera  Though school in Haiti is expensive – and indeed a privilege – paying for it is not an unconquerable feat. With school standards high and the requirements currently consisting of specific uniforms and closed-toe shoes, the many opportunities… Read More

Singing in the rain

By GO Fellow Sarah Herrera The day was cool, the sky was clouded, and I sat contently amongst my two new friends as we each practiced the other’s language, laughing at the silliness that comes with such barriers. In the midst of said chuckles the sky decided to open, and… Read More

Drawing Jesus’ house

By Trip Manager Stepanie Mutert,  Championing artistic talent in the kids within the local church’s care is an exciting endeavor. Comparably, it is like art class for the first time and discovering which kids are good at drawing buildings, which at people, and what… Read More

06-2016 Philadelphia

Pages turn and imaginations ignite

By Trip Manager Stephanie Mutert When I was a kid, bedtime always equaled reading. To this day, I still have childhood favorites that quickly come to mind, and I’m grateful the opportunity ingrained in me a deep love for reading from a very young age. As unique and… Read More

Source de la Grace

Ready to love without boundaries

By GO Fellow Sarah Herrera We read that God loves orphans and we sing about how Jesus loves the little children of the world, and so we take it upon ourselves to echo His ways and try and mirror His heart. These are wonderful things to do and necessary ways to love, but it… Read More

06-2016 Leogane

One colorful day

By GO Fellow Sarah Herrera Crazy Crayola colors always make for a happy day, and the group activities taking place at Leogane are never a disappointment. Whether blank paper and pens or coloring pages and crayons, the children gathered across tables and floors are put to… Read More

06-2016 All in One

A push for joy

By GO Fellow Sarah Herrera Swing sets are a joy found within many childhoods, and for a spunky little lady at All In One, this is no exception. The balanse, as she calls it, seemed to have an eternity of playful children awaiting an open spot. I watched her as she waited in… Read More

06-2016 Desire

The Human Backpack

By Trips Manager Stephanie Mutert There is a certain posture at Desire that has become known to visitors as the ‘human backpack.’ It’s not a surprise that Pastor Jeannot’s kids love to be held, and once they reach a certain age there is a shift from front to back . .… Read More

06-2016 Darivager

A game all their own

By GO Fellow Sarah Herrera A common game played within the village of Darivager is the sort that looks like Ring Around the Rosie, but then quickly turns into a version of Little Sally Walker and then ends with an exercise of Miss Suzy handclapping patterns. If that’s not… Read More

06-2016 Cassamajor

Planting seeds, harvesting life skills

By GO Fellow Sarah Herrera In the back of the property along the village houses grows an inspiring garden of sweet potatoes, corn, spinach, and eggplant. As the children are taught and trained how to plant appropriately – with the girls poking holes and the boys planting… Read More