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Big House - Post Matthew

100 Days After Hurricane Matthew

100 days ago, Hurricane Matthew left the shores of Haiti, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake. Matthew struck southwest Haiti as a Category 4 storm, with winds in excess of 145 mph pummeling the country. For those in southwest Haiti, the toll was great. Homes were gone.… Read More

Joe Knittig

2 Minutes with GO | Jan ’17 Quarterly Update

Life is busy. We get it, so in this quarter’s update Joe Knittig will share news about Hurricane Matthew recovery efforts in Haiti, a need for prayer in Uganda, and explosive growth through CarePortal in the US — all in two minutes . . . well, almost. Joe also… Read More

Dignity. Joy. Gratitude. | Hurricane Matthew, Update 7

Here are a few thoughts that filled our hearts yesterday as we watched GO Transition Academy students loading a truck that will carry supplies to many of the "mamas and brothers and sisters" they grew up with: Through work, we build dignity. In serving, we experience… Read More

Local Response. Local Leadership. Local Impact. | Hurricane Matthew, Update 6

At The Global Orphan Project, we are called to expand the capacity of the local church to care for children and families in crisis in their own community. Is there anything better than someone taking care of their own? It’s inspiring, and we are seeing it everywhere we look… Read More

Needs are Immense. God is Faithful. | Hurricane Matthew, Update 5

An update letter from Joe Knittig, CEO of The Global Orphan Project, currently on the ground in Haiti. GO Family,  The situation here is worse than anyone expected and deteriorating. The death toll is climbing, and many of the hardest hit areas — like Jeremie — and… Read More

Rain Stops. A New Reality Begins. | Hurricane Matthew, Update 4

The rain stopped. The airport opened, and our GO team did their best to take advantage of the window. Mike, Joe, and Jake landed in country. GO Haiti continued to champion children, deliver food, and the assessments began.  Sobering photos. Roofs are gone. Walls are down.… Read More

Haiti Relief Fund Established. Food Deliveries Begin | Hurricane Matthew, Update 3

A letter from Joe Knittig, CEO of The Global Orphan Project GO Family, Mike, Jake, and I are at the airport en route to Haiti. My hope is to keep you updated as things unfold, and as we're able. We value transparency and your willingness to walk through this situation… Read More

Hurricane Matthew

Initial Good News. Much More to Do. | Hurricane Matthew, Update 2

GO Project Family,  Here is a Haiti/ Hurricane Matthew update. Our immediate priority is to ensure that all children in our local church partners’ care are accounted for, safe, and secure. There will be significant rebuild needs, but that is not our focus right now. As… Read More

Hurricane Matthew Strikes Haiti

GO Project Family, Thank you for praying. As many of you know, Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti this morning. Reports that the southwest corner (Cayes region) would bear the brunt appear to be true. Communication is limited but not completely cut… Read More

Storm shelter complete in Cassamajor

By GO Fellow Sarah Herrera  Are you ready for some good news, friends? The Cassamajor storm shelter is finished! It has been a process and a concern, but, by the grace of the Lord and His timing, it is complete. This year still has many days of potential rainy weather… Read More