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A Different Uganda

Our Field Director in Uganda, Alison Barfoot, just visited our Kabale site in SW Uganda. Our local church partner brought that project in significantly under budget, and built the most incredible chapel/multi-purpose building with the savings. They're cranking towards… Read More

A Different December – A Different View of Haiti

Shortly after the earthquake the Big Aid money ran dry. Little rubble has been cleared. No development. No change reported. Except for cholera and election troubles. All we hear is bad news as we wait for more bad news. I gotta tell you, there is a LOT of great things… Read More

Do Hard Things

Recently, we had a chance to sit down with two ladies who care for kids.  They're great moms, love their husbands, and are very gifted in a number of areas.  God pierced their hearts for His children in Haiti this year, and in the process, He ruined them for the average. One… Read More

A Different December

Help make this a Different December>> Read More

A different December: College “kids" taking the lead

College “kids" are often portrayed as indulged, aging adolescents who support their dual ambitions of partying and social media via Daddy's credit card. From Animal House to Old School, dozens of movies have borrowed from this theme. That's nothing new, but is it true? What… Read More

Haiti Election Update

Thousands of you who follow The Global Orphan Project have a special heart for Haiti. We want to give you some important information about the election process taking place right now. Why Is This Election So Important? There's a huge chronic mess in Haiti and devastating… Read More

A different partnership; a true partnership

Every Challenge = Opportunity = Transformation:  Lessons From Uganda "Transforming lives through orphan care." That's the heart of our ministry.  It's plastered on our website.  We talk about it all the time. The Lord transforms the lives of… Read More

Generosity 2.0

Mike and Beth Fox were recently featured in the December edition of KC Business. Download the entire article here Generosity 2.0 (PDF) Generosity 2.0 Kansas City's next generation of philanthropists steps up quietly "There are two brands of generosity in this world, the kind… Read More

A Different December — Couch of Hope

John Randall and his wife, Christine, are understated, gifted, and they love children, especially orphaned and abandoned children. I met John this spring.  He served like a champ in Haiti.  If you've spent anytime on our website, you've seen several of John's… Read More

Toilets for Tots – A Different December

Clothes, jewelry, and toys are typical U.S. presents.  At Christmas, we give these, because our “stuff” works.  Water comes out of faucets.  Toilets flush.  Ovens cook.  When our stuff breaks, we fix it. If… Read More