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Buy a School Uniform. Give the Gift of Education.

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In the US, the phrase “Back to School” brings to mind images of freshly-sharpened, yellow pencils and new backpacks. However, in Haiti, this time of year often brings feelings of great uncertainty.

Public schools in Haiti are not available to everyone. Often poor children are the ones who get left out. The only educational opportunities remaining for them are the private schools, which most can’t afford. Poverty creates pressure. Financial pressure on the family is a major reason that less than half of the children in Haiti will finish primary school. Lack of education leads to limited job opportunities. Future prospects are dim.

Desperate to get their child in school, some parents abandon their kids at the door of institutions that provide education. At The Global Orphan Project, we want to help keep these “economic orphans” with their families.

You can strengthen families by giving the gift of education. Help us provide school uniforms (required by Haitian law) for the nearly 3,000 children currently enrolled in a GO partner school. Additionally, each uniform is sewn by a student at the GO Transition Academy, so your gift also supports the job skills training of children who have “aged out” of orphan care.

Sponsor a $20 school uniform. Help send a child to school.

Our goal this “Back to School” season is to see 250 uniforms sponsored —about the number of students in an average GO Project partner school. Will you buy a uniform and help give the gift of education?

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Funding School Uniforms

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Buy a School Uniform. Give the Gift of Education.