1. Start a myGO Project. Projects are the lifeblood of myGO. You can fundraise by giving up your birthday, biking, or hosting a dinner party. Want to include your friends? Start a project that teams can support.

2. Choose a Fund. Each myGO Project supports a fund. From sustainability initiatives to the greatest needs of a child, each fund serves a critical need. Learn more about funds or contact us for specific needs.

3. GO! Share your project with everyone you know. The most effective way to tell your story is to explain why this matters in your life. We built this tool to empower you.

Start a Project

All the projects on this site were created by people just like you. Tell your story, and explain why this matters in your life. Here are some fundraising ideas to help get you started…

  • Give up gifts. For your birthday, wedding, anniversary, holidays or other special occasion, ask friends to give a gift to a child by donating to your myGO project.
  • Get moving. Sign up for one of the many thousands of walks, runs, cycling events, or triathlons around the country.  Start a myGO Project to raise funds in connection with your effort.  And if you’re really audacious, coordinate your own event for others to join. Find a place, get the required permits, and tell everyone about your race. Check out our resources for photos, videos, and logos to help promote your race.
  • Be creative. Have a talent show, organize a bake sale or garage sale. Dream. The possibilities are endless.
  • Challenge your school. From grade school to college, challenge the students in your classroom or on your campus to support the education of children around the world.
  • Host a dinner party. Invite friends and family to your home and tell them about your myGO project. Answer questions they may have about caring for orphaned and abandoned children and GO Project’s model (learn more).
  • Organize a benefit concert. If you have personal connections to musical talent, ask them to have a benefit concert to support your cause. Find a place, get the required permits and tell everyone about it. Submit your benefit concert information to our events page.
  • Honor the memory of someone you love. Tell your friends and family about your cause and why it means so much to you. Tell them more about The Global Orphan Project in an e-mail and attach photos and videos from our resources page to help tell your story.