Orphan Prevention

The line between children who’ve been abandoned and vulnerable children on the brink is a thin one. The difference lies in whether a child has a champion in her life who is still willing to try – even if the weight of life is crushing the effort.

Our local church partners seek to strengthen vulnerable families on the brink. That’s a core part of their ministries. We work with our partners and their communities to help supplement this orphan prevention / family strengthening effort. Our orphan prevention focus centers on Education and Economic Development.


Global Orphan Prevention - School Sponsorships

Many developing world families often have to choose between educating their children and providing basic daily needs for their family. Now more than ever, we realize how essential education is to keeping families together. We work with our partners and their communities to help through education via school sponsorships, vocational training, and school uniforms.

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Economic Development

Through our GO Fund (a unique impact investment fund managed by GO), we help start and operate businesses and agricultural ventures that create dignified jobs among the poor, and generate profits to help pay for Orphan Care. Help support economic development.

Business Development

Global Orphan Prevention - GOEX Worker with ProductGO Fund invests in business ventures to create jobs to keep families together, with profits going to help pay for local orphan care. These businesses are central to our model, and job creation is key to orphan prevention. Our most robust economic development venture aimed at Orphan Prevention is our flagship enterprise, The GO Exchange.

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GO Transition Academy & Vocational Training

IPathways Haiti - Global Orphan Preventionn our core ministry, we encounter the obvious: little kids become big kids. What happens when children become adults, and “age out” of care? We help equip our local church partners in the critical transition from childhood to adulthood through the GO Transition Academy. GO Fund invests in the GO Transition Academy and vocational training opportunities for older children in care, and for other young adults in the community with no pathways to a productive future.

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Agricultural Development

Global Orphan Prevention - Boy with Baby ChicksLocal agricultural development is critical to keep families together, move orphan care costs towards economic sustainability, and create practical employment skills in the process. GO Fund invests in agricultural development projects for food production either for consumption or sale, like chickens. The fruits of these ventures pour back into the children.

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If you want to help…

  • Provide pathways for older children facing their futures, this is the place to plug in.
  • Invest in agricultural and business ventures, the fruits of which go to make local orphan care sustainable, this is the place to plug in.
  • Build entrepreneurial spirit, dignity, and lift in the process of orphan care, this is the place to plug in.

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