School Sponsorships

IMG_0393Education is among every developing nations’ biggest challenges. In Haiti, according to a national study in 2010*, the literacy rate is only 50%. To make matters worse, the situation is not improving, as 50% of children in Haiti do not currently attend school of any kind. According to UNICEF’s Malawi, Africa, Annual Report, only 13% of secondary school-aged children actually attend secondary school.

Government schools have the capacity to meet only a fraction of the growing need for education which means the majority of students must pay tuition fees in order to attend private schools. For many developing world families, this means facing crushing financial burdens, often having to choose between educating their children and providing basic daily needs for their family. Parents that face these types of excruciating decisions, sometimes see orphan-care as a means to attain free education for their children. Knowing that education is provided to orphaned and abandoned children living within a church-based orphan community, parents often make the heart-wrenching decision to abandon their children in the hopes that their children will be educated and have a better shot at life. Now more than ever, we realize how essential education is to keeping families together. So, how does a GO Project School Sponsorship strengthen families and reduce child abandonment?

  1. By Sponsoring teacher’s salaries, tuition fees become more affordable to the local community so more families can pay to educate their children.
  2. By providing a school uniform to a child, (required by law in order to attend school), families no longer have to pay the up-front $20 fee (approx.). Uniforms are made by GO Transition Academy students in the GO Transition Academy’s Sewing Center.
  3. By sponsoring a school lunch program, no child leaves school hungry. For many community children, this may be their only meal for the day.

Communities WITHOUT a school sponsor experience:

  • Higher tuition fees = Higher child abandonment rates
  • Underpaid teachers = Decreased faculty motivation
  • No school lunch = Children are less attentive and less healthy

Communities WITH a School Sponsorship:

  • Affordable tuition = More families stay together
  • Teachers receive a fair wage = More motivation to teach = Better standards of education
  • School lunch = Bellies are full = children learn better and grow stronger.

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We invite you to give today to improve the quality of education, strengthens families, and support local communities around the world!

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*Establishing a more resilient Haitian State, Crane et al.