Our local church partners seek to strengthen vulnerable families on the brink. That’s a core part of their ministries. We work with our partners and their communities to help supplement this orphan prevention / family strengthening effort through education via school sponsorships, vocational training, and school uniforms.

School Sponsorships2School Sponsorships

Education is among every developing nations’ biggest challenges. Many developing world families often have to choose between educating their children and providing basic daily needs for their family. Now more than ever, we realize how essential education is to keeping families together.

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Pathways Haiti

GO Transition Academy

To help support children and our local church partners in the critical transition from childhood to adulthood, we have partnered with GO Haiti to develop the GO Transition Academy. The GO Transition Academy, a two-year Job and Life Skills Development Program with an emphasis on Biblical character development, equips young adults to lead, serve, and give back to their communities.

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School uniformsSchool uniforms

School uniforms are required by law in order to attend school. This creates an added financial burden to already-stressed families struggling to educate their children. This need has created a unique opportunity for GO Project to strengthen families, create jobs, and provide Vo-tech training opportunities through school uniforms.

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