There are many ways to engage. Here are a few key ways:

logo-givemonthly_smYou can help care for orphaned and abandoned children around the world by giving. 100% of your donations to our Orphan Care programs go to our orphan care work. We do not use any of your generous gifts for our administrative overhead or fund raising expenses.

logo-startmyGO_smStart your own myGO Project online. You choose what’s important to you, from raising support for chickens to the basic day-to-day care for kids, each serves a critical need. Then engage your circles and share with others why caring for orphaned and abandoned children is your ministry.

Adventureslogo-adventures2 (trips) offer the opportunity for you to personally experience the ministry of orphan care. We offer several options (including vision and specialized trips) to help you and others serve and engage with our partners and the children they care for.

logo-hostanexchange_smThe GO Exchange is a global marketplace that changes the lives of children, local makers, and buyers and sellers like you. You can join in this exchange by hosting an Exchange event.