Orphan Sunday

November 12, 2017

Each November on Orphan Sunday, Christians all around the world stand for the orphan. At The Global Orphan Project, we invite you to stand with us and claim this opportunity to rouse your church, community and friends to God’s call to care for the most vulnerable around the world and in your own community.


Below you’ll find just a few ways you can personally advocate for children in need of family.


You can commit to praying for a specific group of kids throughout the year, pray that orphans around the world would know and feel loved by their heavenly Father, and pray that people in our churches and around the world would become aware of the orphan epidemic internationally and right next door.



Join a movement by providing for the orphaned and abandoned. You can give specifically to Life Care Costs, Health and Safety, Education, or to the Greatest Needs Fund.




By supporting GOEX, an apparel company owned by The Global Orphan Project, you are stepping in to end the orphan cycle through the dignity of work. All of the profit from each order of goes directly to care for vulnerable kids in the U.S. and around the world.

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CarePortal is our domestic ministry initiative that connects local children in crisis with churches who want to help. To learn more about activating your church to serve kids in your community, visit careportal.org.

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Join us on a Vision Trip and encounter the beauty of God’s heart for His children in Haiti, Uganda or India.

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More Resources from the Christian Alliance for Orphans

For more ideas on for planning or promoting an Orphan Sunday event at your church or in your community, visit the Christian Alliance for Orphans website.